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Weilai car accident leads to heated discussion. Is there a "safety trap" in the current so-called automatic driving| China Auto News

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Two car accidents in half a month , New forces “ online celebrity ” Weilai car was pushed to the cusp again . Delete and modify data 、 Exaggerated propaganda and other statements were popular on the Internet for a time , Weilai automobile, deeply trapped in the vortex of public opinion , Whether it's a response or the owner's joint statement , At this time, they are quite powerless . Although the specific cause of the accident is still inconclusive , But after all, it has aroused widespread heated debate on automatic driving in society .


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Hot discussion I :

Auxiliary driving ≠ Autopilot

What is the difference between assisted driving and automatic driving , It has become the biggest concern of many car owners recently . There are many netizens on the Internet who share that they lie flat directly under assisted driving 、 Eating and even playing games . These seem to be announcing to everyone “ Liberating hands ” The era of is coming . However , Fu Wu, honorary president of China Society of automotive engineering Pointed out that , From the perspective of the whole industrial form , The era of automatic driving is far from coming .

“ The national policy emphasizes that we have entered the era of intelligent driving , In the process , The level and level of intelligent driving will be gradually improved . For now , We are still in the period of assisted driving .” Fu Yuwu stressed , Current technology 、 The environment and industrial form do not have the ability to support the development of automatic driving .

however , At present, there is a general cognitive bias towards intelligent driving in society . "Said an industry insider , The auxiliary driving system developed by car enterprises is different from ordinary consumers' understanding of auxiliary driving . Most consumers worship new technologies and price trends , You think you've spent a lot of money on new technology , But still need to drive with both hands , The sense of experience is not directly proportional to the price . Even in the automotive industry , It may not be able to accurately tell the specific difference between automatic driving and assisted driving .

“ commonly L3 It can be called automatic driving only if it is above class , At present, only Tesla claims to be autonomous in China , Other car companies are assisted drivers .” Shao Yuanjun, senior analyst of automotive industry research center of CCID Consulting Co., Ltd Introduce to the reporter . He stressed that , Whether from the technical or legal level , At present, the vehicle is still dominated by the driver himself , The system has not yet reached the level that it can be separated from supervision . For the driver , Assisted driving is no different from normal driving , The driver must supervise at all times , To ensure that it is taken over at any time .


Hot discussion II :

Can the expressway use automatic driving at this stage ?


“ Do not use autopilot on expressways. ”、“ Automatic driving should be used in low-speed or indoor scenes ”…… After the accident , Many netizens said , In the highway scene , Even in an emergency , The driver cannot take over immediately , Therefore, the automatic driving function should not be used on the highway .

Regarding this , The above experts said , Autopilot can be used on expressways. , But the owner needs to be ready to brake at any time . Cao Guangping, independent researcher of new energy automobile industry Explain to the , This is actually related to the strong correlation between some auxiliary driving functions and vehicle driving speed , For example, automatic braking function (AEB) It works only at low speeds .

 “ Highway scene , There will be no frequent lane changes 、 Pedestrian and other complex situations , On the contrary, it is easier to use .” Shao Yuanjun said . however , Due to technical constraints , So there are still some problems in the expressway scene . Under normal circumstances , If there are obstacles ahead , The car will make braking treatment . However, the millimeter wave radar currently used in cars can not sense stationary objects , There will be some risks .“ If the camera can't catch it 、 Radar can't feel it , The vehicle itself does not know that there is an object ahead . Just like this accident , If you encounter a faulty vehicle on the highway , You may not be able to make braking judgment .” Shao Yuanjun explained .

Fu Yuwu pointed out , Concerns about the use of autopilot systems on Expressways , In fact, there is a problem of popularizing science to consumers .“ At present, we have not developed to the stage where the driver can leave the steering wheel , But public awareness is not enough .” Fu Yuwu said . In his opinion , Technology and popular science are symbiotic . The development of Science 、 Technological progress , Finally, we should settle on commercialization , It is necessary to let consumers really understand the stage of technology development at this stage 、 What are the problems . therefore , The popularity of the automatic driving system , Vehicle owner training is very necessary .


Hot discussion III :

Is the software logic applicable to vehicle manufacturing ?


Some netizens think that , Under the trend of software defined cars , Car manufacturers are increasingly divorced from the original track ,“ Software logic ” It's starting to take off , Most car companies try to improve assisted driving through continuous upgrading and iteration , This is to improve the technical level at the cost of safety risk . Some netizens also raised questions in the discussion : We're waiting L5 Mature and then put into the market , Or gradually improve the technology ?

Regarding this , Shao Yuanjun pointed out , This is actually a misunderstanding of the public about the upgrading of auxiliary driving system .“ The upgrade of assisted driving is to express that the vehicle can be upgraded from assisted driving to automatic driving , Instead of continuously improving the function of assisted driving .” Shao Yuanjun stressed , The fundamental logic of the auxiliary driving upgrade is to let the car owners buy now have a larger volume in the future .

actually , Various problems in car upgrading , The state has already taken measures .2020 year , The State Administration of market supervision and Administration issued 《 Further strengthen vehicle remote upgrading (OTA) Notice on supervision of technology recall 》, To regulate OTA Application of technology in recall . Ministry of industry and information technology 8 month 12 Printed on 《 Opinions on strengthening the management of intelligent networked automobile production enterprises and product access 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 opinion 》) It also puts forward relevant provisions for software online upgrade , Clearly without approval , It is not allowed to add or update the auto driving function through online software upgrade .

“ Software defined automobile is the development direction ,OTA Upgrading is also an ongoing story . But software enables cars , The basic laws that are not equivalent to cars no longer exist .” Fu Yuwu stressed , No matter how much software plays in automotive products , It must be clear that , automobile industry “ Safety first 、 Product is king 、 Consumer centric ” Our core values will never change . The software upgrade iteration is just to better serve users , OEMs and software manufacturers must not be “ Combination of hardware and software ”、“ Software defines the car ” Such slogans dazzled my mind .


Hot discussion IV :

Exaggerated propaganda or excessive trust ?


“ It's okay, autopilot , Emergency assisted driving ” It has become the recent internet ridicule of auto driving related car enterprises . Cao Guangping said , Car companies will describe auxiliary driving in the vehicle manual , In particular, the conditions limiting use and takeover requirements will be explained in detail . however , At a time when electrification cannot make a profit due to battery bottleneck , Car companies need to rely on Intelligent configurations to achieve product premium . therefore , In various publicity activities , Enterprises to attract the attention of consumers , It is inevitable that “ Edge ball ”, Let users misunderstand .

Take Tesla for example , Musk has repeatedly claimed on social media that Tesla is very close to L5 Class a autopilot . at present , Tesla official website for Autopilot In the introduction of automatic assisted driving , Autopilot will still be included 、 The package of functions such as automatic auxiliary lane change is named “ Fully autonomous driving capability Kit ”. Shen Fei, vice president of Weilai automobile, once showed himself on the Internet NIO Pilot In the case of taking out photos . Have to say , These hints are obviously better than those written in 《 User's Manual 》 The words in are easier to be noticed by consumers .

Except for car enterprises , The media should also play a role “ gatekeeper ” The role of . Fu Yuwu said :“ Now some media exaggerate the facts too much , The test in some sections is described as commercial operation .” For eye popping , There is a lot of media hype about automatic driving technology , Draw for the public “ Autopilot is coming soon ” The pancake of . Fu Yuwu stressed , Supply side 、 The demand side and the media should work together , Avoid exaggeration and radicalization , Keep calm and rational , Create a good development environment for automatic driving .

recently , Wang Yao, Minister of Technology Department of China Automobile Industry Association, called for , Vehicle enterprises should not over publicize vehicles equipped with auxiliary driving function , Consumers should also strengthen their awareness , Be responsible for your safe driving . Regarding this ,《 opinion 》 Also emphasized , Enterprises produce automobile products with driving assistance and automatic driving functions , Vehicle function and performance limits shall be clearly informed 、 Driver responsibilities 、 Human computer interaction device indication information 、 Function activation and exit methods and conditions .

Put aside excessive publicity , Shao Yuanjun thinks , There is also a logical loophole . Under the influence of enterprise publicity and user experience , Some car owners may have the illusion that their car can drive automatically at present . With the increasing frequency and time of auxiliary driving function , Car owners will have excessive trust in the system , Gradually let go , In case of emergency , It's hard to take over immediately .

“ This is a necessary stage for the development of automatic driving , But car companies must solve this logical loophole in the process of development . For example, by limiting the time car owners use assisted driving , Or when using assisted driving, ensure that the owner has the ability to take over at any time through monitoring .” Shao Yuanjun said .

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