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Domestic 1.5T is better than BMW 2.0T. Can this new SUV sell well after returning to Nissan?

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2017 year , Dongfeng Co., Ltd. decided to let Qichen “ Independent ”, In order to make it develop better . And in the 3 After year , Dongfeng Qichen will be incorporated into the management of Dongfeng Nissan again , It also means that the east wind starts the morning “ De Nissan ” Formal failure . And after the return , qichen SUV Nor are you obsessed with T series , But developed qichenxing , And the newly unveiled Qichen University V.

Under the new design , Kai Chen Da V It does look younger , And it has also improved in intelligence . It carries 1.5T The engine even has 190 horsepower , Compared with BMW 320 and 325 Models of 2.0T The engine is more powerful , But domestic cars always have the practice of good data and poor power , The specific performance remains to be seen in the test drive experience .

8 month 20 Japan , Dongfeng Nissan Qichen new compact class SUV It was officially named Qichen University V And open blind subscription synchronously . It is reported that , New car will be on the 8 month 29 It was unveiled at Chengdu National Auto Show on the th .

As a key player 95 Models for young consumer groups , Kai Chen Da V On the whole, the design is quite personalized 、 fashion . According to the official introduction , The appearance of the new car adopts a high wind design . The specific term , The front face uses a lot of “V” Shape element , Not just exclusive V Shaped logo , And the air intake grille is also made up of many V Shape composition . Multidimensional crystal matrix LED Four sections of lamp strips extend below the headlamp and are integrated with the grille , With a high degree of identification .


The side lines are very sharp , Outline the angular shape , At the same time, it can also be seen that it adopts two-color body and blackened decoration , This should be available after the official launch . Big V Body size is long 、 wide 、 High respectively 4562/1917/1625mm, The wheelbase to 2700mm.

Besides , The new car provides monochrome body and two-color body for consumers to choose , And different styles of luggage racks will be equipped according to different configuration models , There will also be many different styles of rims , Meet the personalized needs of young people .


The design of the rear of the car is still very sci-fi , It adopts the popular through tail lamp group , It has a high degree of recognition . In addition, the design will V The type element is properly integrated into it , The high mounted brake light is a letter “V” The modelling of .


interiors , Kai Chen Da V Young and simple design , The whole presents a flat visual appearance , A sense of hierarchy . In terms of workmanship and materials , The new car uses a large area of soft material 、 Wrapped in blue and beige leather , Good sense of quality , The workmanship is also more appropriate .


Configuration , Kai Chen Da V Have 1.7㎡ Glass roof , The light transmission area is very considerable , Create a transparent and spacious visual experience . New car is equipped with V-Link Nebula smart link system , New and upgraded CCS4.0 The system brings a younger UI Design and rich Zhilian functions .


motivation , New car carrying 1.5T The maximum engine power is 140kW(190Ps), Peak torque 260N·m. Transmission in , It matches the engine 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . The official new car 0-100km/h Acceleration time is 8.8s, The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 6.6L.

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