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BAIC Ruixiang's first SUV was exposed, with three rows and seven seats and 1.5T power. It looks very aggressive

2021-08-25 06:09:32 Oriental Information automobile

Some time ago , With Jetta VS7、 Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS And so on , More and more domestic brands have also started their own new models SUV The way . among , BAIC Ruixiang launched its first SUV models — BAIC Ruixiang X5, New cars are defined as compact SUV, And has been in this year's 6 It made its debut at Chongqing auto show in June . It is reported that , The new car will arrive as soon as 8 month 25 Official listing , What it has to face is from Jetta VS7、 Chang'an Auchan X7 And other models . that , This Ruixiang X5 What kind of performance will it bring ?

As can be seen from the actual vehicle diagram , The appearance of the new car is very domineering . The front face adopts a large-size straight waterfall grille design , It looks very calm , The headlamp groups on both sides are arranged in parallel , Integrated with the front grille , Further expand the visual width of the front face . Red decoration is added at the fog lamp , It brings a sense of movement to the whole vehicle . also , The new car uses a new diamond logo design , The hollowed out design in the middle also makes the front face highly recognizable . There is nothing special about the side of the body , The streamlined waistline makes the body look stronger .

In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4788*1875*1730mm, The wheelbase is 2815mm, Both the circumference and wheelbase are better than Chang'an Auchan X7 Jetta VS7 Slightly larger , It is estimated that the interior space of the new car will also have a good performance .

The design of the rear is square , Multiple horizontal lines create a good sense of hierarchy . The design of tail lamp groups on both sides is also square , It goes well with the whole tail , It looks very neat . in addition , A penetrating chrome strip is also added between the tail lamps on both sides , While maintaining a steady breath , Added some sense of fashion . The only drawback is , The area of the rear window is a little small , It has a certain impact on the field of vision in the car .

interiors , The design of the new car is relatively simple , Central control suspended large screen and LCD instrument , It has improved the sense of science and Technology . And a large area of chrome plated decoration 、 Boat stop 、 Panoramic sunroof and unique steering wheel , Make the whole look very luxurious . meanwhile , The new car also provides two seat layouts of five seats in two rows and seven seats in three rows , Meet more due scenarios for consumers .

On the power , The new car is equipped with a 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The maximum power is 156 horsepower . Actually , BAIC Ruixiang was renamed from BAIC Yinxiang who had experienced bankruptcy before , Compared with Jetta and Chang'an , BAIC Ruixiang is really a little strange in popularity , But I believe this Ruixiang X5 It can bring greater surprises to consumers in terms of price .

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