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With a budget of 100000-250000, how to choose the two most attractive cars for girls?

2021-08-25 06:17:41 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years , The proportion of women buying cars is gradually increasing , Women buying cars has gradually become a fashion . Compared with men , Women buy cars , For power 、 They don't think too much about space , Beauty is king , The first important thing is that the appearance and interior comply with aesthetics , Some people like small and lovely , cool , Simple and generous, etc , There seems to be no exact measure , But it is necessary to choose a representative one among fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles , That's BMW MINI And Euler are good cats , These two paragraphs 10-25 High appearance value cars in the price range of 10000 yuan , How should I choose ?

【1】 The appearance has its own characteristics

Let's talk about Euler's good cat first , From the appearance of the car , Euler's good cat has a mellow style , Highlight the kind of cute that female consumers like 、 Cute design , Round headlamp design , It gives people a kind of beetle like spirit 、911 The feeling of . Because the designer of Euler's good cat, Armon · The delta , Once worked for Porsche , And responsible 911 GT3 Design work of . Euler good cat appearance style retro , On data parameters , The circumference of a good cat is also better than MINI" fat " A circle . meanwhile , It's a little... Compared with two " Don't talk about military morality ", in other words , The space of a good cat can be the first car for home travel . Think of it as something like MINI The same car , It can only be said that the appearance and manufacturer's publicity misled .

MINI The appearance of has inherited its familial front face , But new MINI Front face " Big mouth " Abstract into a circle " Black line ", The front double round headlights are still naive , It also reveals a trace of pride , Very cute . The body lines are straight and smooth , Small and exquisite, there is a kind of hidden domineering , Have to say ,MINI This style is really irresistible to girls . Maybe for young people ,MINI The most valuable is the rice flag element that can be matched at will , Bright and interesting shapes , But actually ,MINI The most brilliant thing is its history , Once the Mini The most ordinary civilian car , Keep the life cycle unchanged for decades , This is the highest affirmation of technology and Design .

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