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FAW Volkswagen tanyue is equipped with particle catcher, which attracts attention with extraordinary power

2021-08-25 06:17:44 Oriental Information automobile

For a long time , faw - Volkswagen's models carry “ God car ” An aura of , It has a very good reputation . faw - Volkswagen's SUV Explore the mountain ( Parameter picture ) Since its launch , By virtue of durability 、 comfortable 、 The advantage of safety has won unanimous praise from consumers , Its particle catcher has been recognized by consumers , Excellent appearance design , Excellent space utilization and expansion , Rich configuration and good sense of grade , Attract a large number of young consumers .

Appearance design

Tan Yue took FAW - The latest popular design language , Honeycomb chrome plated medium mesh looks particularly young , Combined with headlamp , It's very domineering , The side waistline extends from the front bumper to the body , There are also large rims , The whole car looks sporty and young . Front part , Nest chain chrome decoration , Make the front face design more exquisite 、 Elegance . The eight folded features on the front hood form a cohesive force , When the whole vehicle is stationary, it also shows a dynamic feeling of readiness , Simple and domineering style , It also adjusts the previous deficiencies and minor faults . Tan Yue's fashionable and handsome appearance as a whole , It also makes more consumers look at it differently , Tanyue's appearance design also meets the current standards of beauty .

In terms of motivation

Tanyue shares 280TSI、330TSI、380TSI And two drive 、 4WD four power options .EA211 1.4T 110kW The engine is turbocharged 、 Direct injection (gdi) 、 High integration cylinder head and other advanced technologies , The maximum output power is 110kW, Maximum output torque 250N·m, It can achieve stronger power with smaller displacement .EA888 2.0T 162kW The engine USES MPI/FSI Double jet 、AVS The exhaust lift is adjustable 、 Single turbine double vortex tube 、 Controllable piston cooling jet 、 Staged oil separator 、 Leading technologies such as innovative thermal management system , The maximum output power is 162kW, Maximum output torque 350N·m, Fast start 、 Overtaking fiercely , Let users enjoy driving . Tanyue 4WD model is equipped with 4motion Intelligent four-wheel drive system 、 Efficient control and professional of the fifth generation central differential of BorgWarner SUV Chassis adjustment technology allows tanyue to adapt to various environments . And tanyue is also equipped with a particle catcher, which is more environmentally friendly , Many people don't quite understand what role particle traps play . Actually , It can capture carbon particles produced when the engine is working , After sufficient secondary combustion , Into carbon dioxide that is pollution-free to the air , Then into the air , Greatly reduce the degree of air pollution , Achieve the effect of environmental protection .


faw - The appearance and shape of the public probe are cool and dynamic , Distinctive personality , The interior also adopts exclusive configurations such as high-grade sports seats , While maintaining a sense of movement , And let users enjoy the high-end experience . The instrument panel Floating The design is simple and generous , For the sake of humanization , take MIB Move the screen up , The air outlet of the air conditioner is placed below , The functional layout is more ergonomic , The detail design has a sense of hierarchy . On the whole , Tanyue can have good sales thanks to its fashionable appearance design , Rich interior configuration , It's also a powerful performance . faw - In the process of rapid development, Volkswagen's technology R & D strength has been continuously improved , Guaranteed FAW - Volkswagen is in product development 、 Local development 、 Localization approval 、 It has strong technical strength in parts development and vehicle road test .

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