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Harvard H6 welcomes the strongest opponent! H6s official figure is exposed, positioning the sedan SUV, which is expected to be listed within the year

2021-08-25 06:25:06 Oriental Information automobile

At home SUV On the market , The harvard H6 It can be said to be the best-selling and most influential model , It has won the support and recognition of the majority of domestic users , The performance has always been eye-catching , There are not many models that can threaten it , For now , Only Chang'an CS75 Plus Be able to work with Harvard H6 World War I , Especially in recent months , changan CS75 Plus Showing a way to catch up with and surpass Harvard H6 The momentum , In order to further consolidate the Great Wall in SUV Market position , The Great Wall has exposed another sedan SUV—— The harvard H6S, From the naming, we can see , The harvard H6S With the harvard H6 There are many connections .

As another model of lemon platform SUV models , The harvard H6S The design is better than Harvard H6 Younger , Cross-border car running SUV Modeling can be said to conform to the current development trend , Showing a fashionable and avant-garde side , Although the new car hasn't been mass produced yet , But it has attracted the attention of many young netizens , at present , The harvard H6S The official map has been released , It is expected that the new car will be officially launched by the end of this year , It's bound to be against Harvard H6 Make a certain impact .

In terms of appearance and modeling , The harvard H6S It adopts a brand-new family design language , The front face looks very novel , The new style mesh grille is exaggerated and radical , And added metal decoration , Triangular vents are also provided on both sides of the grille , The headlights are long, narrow and sharp , The interior is equipped with LED The light source , The effect after lighting is very eye-catching , Besides , The front surround below is very moving , Instead of young cross-border sedan running SUV Match the positioning of .

Look at the side of the car , The harvard H6S The atmosphere of cross-border sedan running is very prominent , from C Start to press down at the column position , It forms the effect of sliding back , Match with popular lines and large blackened wheels , It creates a very strong sense of movement , The sharp waistline runs through the side of the whole body ,B The column was blackened , It can be said that it echoes with the wheel hub ; In the tail , In the new Harvard H6 On the basis of , Equipped with a new liftable tail , Further highlights its sedan SUV The positioning of , Besides , Like an upturned duckling's tail 、 Bilateral tail rows are also equipped , The movement of the law has been further improved .

Besides , From the size parameters of exposure , The harvard H6S The length, width and height are respectively 4714/1940/1729mm, The wheelbase is 2738mm, among , Wheelbase and Harvard H6 bring into correspondence with , The car is longer than Harvard H6 Longer . And in terms of motivation , The harvard H6S It is expected to carry 1.5T and 2.0T Two fuel engines , Power transmission part , And what matches that is 7 Double clutch gearbox , It also carries 1.5T The engine + Hybrid system composed of motor , It is reported that , The hybrid system is very efficient in terms of fuel economy , The fuel consumption is as low as 4.9L. From the above aspects , The harvard H6S My performance is quite excellent , As long as the price is right , I believe it will be recognized by the market , Very promising to be a hot money . About the harvard H6S, What else do you want to say ?

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