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The complete episode of "anti Mafia storm" was leaked. The ending was too unexpected. The drama side condemned piracy, but the comment area overturned

2021-08-25 06:29:31 Tencent Entertainment

《 Black storm 》 This anti Mafia drama, which has been low-key propaganda since its launch, has finally reached a high level of hot search , However, the reason for the hot search is not because of the high-energy plot in the play , But because after the TV series started on-demand , The complete collection was immediately leaked on the network .

In order to protect the interests of the show and the platform ,《 Black storm 》 The official immediately issued an anti piracy statement , Call on netizens to watch through official channels 《 Black storm 》, Condemn piracy , Resolutely resist the spread of piracy .

From the point of view of the play , Respect the play's labor , Watching TV dramas through formal channels is the audience's awareness of copyright , But I didn't expect that under the comment area of the play , Netizens stand on the opposite side of the play .

Some netizens are outspoken “ Disgusting, the second charge of this platform ”, Some make complaints about it “ Has abandoned the play , The logic behind it is not smooth , The rhythm is also strange ,9、10 Two water collectors ”.

The rollover in the comment area came suddenly , But it also shows that the audience's experience of chasing drama is really poor .

At present, many popular online dramas will have a large number of audience , Now I'm chasing 《 Black storm 》 The audience is spending money on members , And spend money to advance on-demand , The key is that the on-demand broadcast can not lead to the grand finale , Audience chasing drama through official channels , It can be called the brightest leek in the whole field .

The play released a statement to let netizens unite to resist piracy , But in fact, the way to cure the leakage of online resources is in the hands of the platform and the drama side . Don't want resource leakage , You can update two episodes for free every day , In this way, there will be no trouble for the audience to see vague and inconvenient piracy .

Of course , This is not in the moral kidnapping drama side and platform , In addition to on-demand and member recruitment , The broadcast volume of a TV play can also bring benefits to the management . Before the advent of advance on demand , Many popular word-of-mouth TV dramas make a lot of money by virtue of broadcast volume and advertising .

But now in the form of advance on demand , In addition to asking the platform to charge more money , There is hardly any benefit .

The spectators who don't pay are stuck in the first 11 Set ,vip The audience is stuck 15 Set , The paying advance audience is stuck again 19 Set , The process of the audience chasing the play is different , As a result, the popularity of TV dramas on the Internet can not stir up . Viewers who don't even want to pay , Have to accept the online frenzied spoilers .

The end result is that those who pay become the wrongdoers , The spoiled audience felt no need to continue chasing the play , And the popularity of TV dramas is scattered , This is also the reason why there are fewer and fewer popular dramas in the past two years .

The key is , Advance on demand really affects the quality of a TV play , from 《 Black storm 》 From the distribution of each episode , In fact, it only took more than half an hour . First two episodes 《 Black storm 》 Rhythm online , Attracted a large audience , But slow down from episode 3 , All the way to 13 Set .

from 《 Black storm 》 Look at the content of , It's obvious that the clip is slowing down . The first 15、16 There are only two episodes in which the cause of Ma Shuai's death is revealed , Li Chengyang, played by sun Honglei, has been ringing in his ears and recalling the past , Laurie, wordy is not to advance the main line .

In order to make the number of advance on-demand episodes longer , TV series are water after water , I'd love to split the content of an episode into 5 Share sale . Only when a high-quality film is on demand on the online platform 3 element , And a TV series from paid members to advance on-demand actually costs nearly 50 element .

The key is , The audience really can't predict this episode before it's on demand. It's meaningless , Or the main line of high-energy rhythm .

So it seems , The existence of advance on demand is not only to destroy the drama and show the ambition of the platform to cut leeks , What's more, it's uncomfortable for the audience to spend money , The so-called member exclusive advance on-demand actually has to wait anxiously for the TV series to be updated .

In fact, the audience is not Tieguanyin , At a time when piracy was really rampant , The audience will think from the perspective of the play , Empathy with copyright platforms impacted by piracy . But for now , The audience's kindness to the platform has become the foundation for the platform to cut leeks in today's industry monopoly .

《 Black storm 》 As a star play , At the same time, on Beijing Satellite TV 、 Shanghai Satellite TV 、 CCTV 8 broadcast , The three major TV stations give full support to , But I still don't forget to do advanced on-demand , Such popularity is difficult to calm netizens . From the perspective of the audience , Membership is actually the bottom line acceptable to the audience . Given the VIP, There's really no need to do VVIP Try your best to get the audience .

The anti piracy statement launched by the show is really OK , However, the protection of copyright requires the conscious of the audience , The drama side and platform should be the main force to maintain the genuine version . The cost of chasing a play is ridiculously high , We also need netizens and drama fans to maintain , Indeed, some people don't have back pain when standing and talking .

What surprised the author was the ending of the play , I accidentally saw , Dajiang died , Many viewers said they couldn't accept , There are even people trying to find the audience . If Dajiang really ends up like this , It is estimated that many viewers will have a wave of heartbreak .

Last , I still hope that the network platform will be more kind to today's very passive audience , Cutting leeks can , But drama fans refuse to be wronged big head , Spending money can , But it's really too much to enjoy the second charge .

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