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The owner of the furniture factory spent 680000 yuan to collect a Chevrolet, 1958, and collectors came one after another

2021-08-25 06:37:17 Oriental Information automobile

Nowadays, Chevrolet cars are quite common in our country , Because what we see is basically SAIC GM Chevrolet , Imported Chevrolet cars are very rare , Because the imported Chevrolet has a large displacement , high price , Most families don't buy it , It also reflects the status of imported Chevrolet , It is a well-known automobile brand , Famous all over the world , With countless fans , The older generation of riders like Chevrolet very much .

At present, some powerful old car owners like to collect old cars , Chevrolet's old cars have naturally become their collection objects , The car we see now is a boss in Zhejiang who spent 68 Ten thousand yuan , Pure collection ,1958 Model of , Very old-fashioned , It's more interesting for experts .

The old car parked in front of the store attracted a lot of people , Many Tibetan friends came here one after another after hearing the news , So the car is not just a means of transportation , The value it can create is much higher than its own price , Because many Tibetan friends must go into the store and sit for a while after they come to see the car , If you see the right furniture, you can drive consumption , Virtually created value , Famous car effect , Of course, this car is not cheap , The boss spent 60 I bought it for more than ten thousand yuan .

The full name of this car is Chevrolet bisckane Flier ,1958 paragraph , It belongs to the best classic car , The body shape is sharp , The chassis can be lifted , After flameout, the chassis is lowered automatically , Raise the chassis after ignition , That kind of visual effect is very good , The tail is very exaggerated , No wonder so many people like , Unfortunately, the price is too high , For the average person 68 Ten thousand yuan can do a lot of things , Buy a car 20 More than ten thousand yuan B A class car can also invest the rest of the money .

Then the big brother of the car owner opened the door and let's enjoy the Chevy bisckane Inside the flyer's car , The best antique car has been renovated several times , It was repaired according to the original style , It can be said that many are original parts , For this antique car, the more real, the more delicious , If it is decorated with modern leather, it will lose its original taste , Only those who like collecting antique cars know best .

A long time ago, car seats were designed like this , Very simple two rows of big sofas , The chassis suspension is solid , It can ensure the ride comfort of passengers in the car , Then we sat in the back and felt , Although it is a little different from the current luxury cars, it is absolutely OK at that time .

The owner is a middle-aged man , The owner of a furniture factory , I like collecting antique cars very much , There are several old cars in his factory yard , Maybe this is the feeling , I like collecting , Even if you can't drive it, it looks very comfortable , This is the real car collector .

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