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FAW Volkswagen tanyue is equipped with a particle trap. The price is as low as 200000. It's worth it!

2021-08-25 06:51:20 Oriental Information automobile

faw - Volkswagen carries the technology inherited by the pure morality of Volkswagen Group , There is a kind of market confidence that is difficult to shake in the domestic market , In order to cater to SUV The car market , Follow the trend , It launched a powerful work - High end, medium-sized SUV Explore the mountain ( Parameter picture ). The birth of tanyue once again shows the brand layout of FAW Group SUV The determination and strength of the market , As FAW - The public SUV The backbone of the family , Relying on its own strong strength and excellent performance with particle catcher , It has been recognized and praised by many consumers .

Shape design leading the future

aesthetic , Tan Yue is guided by the golden structure 、“ front · Advocating doctrine ” Design , Achieve a breakthrough look , The eight prismatic lines of the front hood form an aggregation situation , It highlights the sense of power and Modernity . The nest chain grille design presents us with a fashionable and exquisite visual effect , Face before LED The integrated design of and air inlet grille makes tanyue look more powerful and domineering . Besides , Tanyue adopts a new waistline design language , The sharp and flexible waistline links the shoulder and wheel bag , It gives people a flexible and light beauty .

Modern high-end interior design

interiors , Tanyue pays more attention to comfort , Pilot centered surround cockpit design , Chrome plated trim with multiple geometric turns , Highlight low-key and luxury . Tanyue is also wrapped in a large area of soft material , whole Alcantara Advanced sports seats made of , The driving atmosphere is sporty and high-end . The steering wheel has integrated shift paddle function , Increase driving pleasure ,24 It's about 10 Color interior atmosphere lamp and exquisite seat stitching echo each other , Meet your personalized needs .9.2 The inch color central control screen has a great sense of Technology , Powerful ,10.3 Inch full LCD digital instrument panel , With very high resolution , Driving data 、 Navigation and other vehicle information are under control . Large panoramic skylight , vision , A panoramic view of the scenery , Give you a comfortable visual effect experience .

Unique spatial structure

Tanyue is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, The interior space is very spacious and comfortable , Its length 4595mm, wide 1860mm, high 1660mm, The wheelbase is 2731mm, No longer blindly lengthen the body , But to maximize the use space of the workshop . The rear seats are front and rear 18cm Move , Front and rear seats 18cm Adjustable , Adjustable backrest angle ,4/2/4 folding . The trunk floor can be up and down 2 Stage adjustment , Flexible allocation of large space is more practical , It can not only ensure the comfortable driving experience of the space , It can also ensure more free space to meet the needs of various daily activities . The tail gas emission after the combination of probe and particle catcher meets the national six standards , So is the particle catcher opportunistic ? first , Particulate trap is a necessary emission reduction measure for diesel vehicles , Be applied on a large scale , With the implementation of national six , This technology is also used in gasoline vehicles . In the process of transition from country 5 to country 6 , The exhaust end of a gasoline car forms TWC Three way catalysis +GPF Particle capture technology .

As a powerful work of FAW Group , Tanyue is made up of the latest MQB Platform to build . At present, the products launched by FAW Group are basically built based on this platform , On this platform , The quality of the product is more trustworthy , Behind the strict quality control and inspection of the group company , Let every probe have sufficient safety guarantee !

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