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It's called small RAV4“ Real shooting of "corolla" SUV, with 2.0L power, can it catch fire?

2021-08-25 06:54:05 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of Carola , I believe many people are familiar with , As one of the most influential family cars in the world , Carola has sold more than 4900 Ten thousand units , Its performance in China is also outstanding , It's basically a household name , The sales volume ranks among the top of the car sales list , And today we're not talking about Carola , It's Carola's version SUV models , Name it corolla Cross, The car is based on TNGA-C Architecture to create , Locate the small SUV, At present, it has been listed overseas , The selling price is equivalent to RMB at 12 Ten thousand yuan or so , It is reported that , The new car is expected to enter China in the first half of next year .

From the perspective of overseas real shooting , corolla Cross The appearance of has nothing to do with Carola as people think , The whole shape basically has nothing to do with Carola , In addition to the logo , It looks more like a small RAV4, The front face adopts the latest design language of the family , The large-area honeycomb air inlet grille is very strong and atmospheric , And added black plastic decoration , The headlight sets on both sides are sharp , It looks bright , Inside LED The blessing of light source brings visual impact , As for the side of the body , Basically continued RAV4, The lines are slightly tough , The shape is very muscular ,B、C The column was blackened , Creates the effect of a suspended roof , Besides , The side skirt and wheel eyebrow are also blackened , It looks very atmospheric .

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