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After 10 years of continuous use, who is more durable than Toyota and Volkswagen?

2021-08-25 07:03:04 Oriental Information automobile

In fact, this rigid comparison is meaningless 、 This way is also blind , On the current public 、 Compared with Toyota , It's no problem to run steadily for ten years ; The average annual mileage of passenger cars in our country is even less than 1.5 Thousands of kilometers , even 10 year 、 Also ran away, but 15 Thousands of kilometers , It's easy for today's cars , That is to say, if 10 Year is the boundary 、 There is no way to distinguish between high and low !

It is well known that Japanese cars are durable , Count facts 、 There is also a certain degree of thinking inertia , For example, a Toyota that doesn't break down 、 People who can't fix it ? In fact, Toyota will also break 、 It's not that the public can't fix it , I've met someone who didn't pick up the car 3 God 、 Toyota cars with plastic trim strips , There's no big problem 、 But it doesn't exist, it's not bad ! In fact, you might as well think about running 100 Thousands of kilometers , Carola doesn't have to be resistant to old Jetta , German cars certainly have their own shortcomings 、 But it also has its own advantages !

Making a car is an art of balance , It's not impossible to cover everything 、 But all inclusive cars are too expensive , Among the cars acceptable to ordinary consumers, Volkswagen 、 Toyota's products have their own strengths ( Same level ), Like Honda, there are few short boards 、 But poor sound insulation can never solve , What's the reason ? The reason is the limited budget 、 There is no way to solve all the defects ; But then again , The word durable is a little abstract 、 It's metaphysics , In addition to some data listed on some car portals , It's hard to quantify durability !

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