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In eight days, the new Jeep Commander went on the market, the price was raised, and the fuel consumption was as low as 1.6 liters

2021-08-25 07:16:43 Oriental Information automobile

also 8 Day time ushered in 8 month 29 Opening of Chengdu auto show , This is also the last large car exhibition this year , There are also many new models on the market . In American brands , The new Jeep The commander will also welcome the listing , The new model is a modified model , Adjustments have been made in some details , The most important thing is to raise the price , The pre-sale price of the fuel version is 24.5 Ten thousand yuan , The pre-sale price of plug-in hybrid model is 31.5 Ten thousand yuan , It is obvious that , Whether it's the fuel version or the plug-in hybrid version, compared with the starting price of the cash version , It's up 5200 element . For the present Jeep The sales volume of the commander in China , After up regulation , Will there still be consumers to choose ? Let's see what has changed .

The new Jeep The commander is in appearance , The upper part of the front face has not changed , It is still the classic family style we are familiar with 7 Mesh in hole design , Integration of headlights and China Grid , Formed a through design , The front face looks wider , The through grid has been removed from the enclosure , Upgrade to three-stage blackened grille , Fog lamp logo in grille on both sides , The sense of hierarchy is more obvious , With stronger identification , Compared with cash, the whole front of the car , More visual movement .

The body side , Consistent with cash , The roof is equipped with luggage rack , Panoramic skylight , The waistline is obviously strong , Equipped with two-color multi amplitude wheel hub ring . The relative adjustment of the tail is more obvious , Especially the tail light , The through tail lamp group looks more atmospheric than the cash tail lamp , Visually, it gives people a wider performance of the car body , A sign with English letters at the same time , Make the tail look more advanced , A chrome plated metal trim panel is added under the bumper , There are still matrix large-diameter exhaust ports on both sides , The sense of movement is very obvious .

The new Jeep The appearance of the commander has been adjusted and upgraded , At the same time, a suite selection has been added , For consumers , More selectivity . motivation , Consistent with the current model , carrying 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Separate high and low power versions , Low power maximum output 234 horsepower , Maximum output of high power version 265 horsepower , Transmission system matching 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Plug in hybrid version , carrying 2.0T+ Plug in hybrid system , And the maximum engine output 230 horsepower , The biggest advantage of this car is its very low fuel consumption ,NEDC The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 1.6 l .

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