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The car air conditioner doesn't work. Replace the compressor directly? It's not necessary

2021-08-25 07:24:53 Oriental Information automobile

Brother know, I've had a trouble recently , In this summer of nearly forty degrees , The car air conditioner suddenly went on strike ! Bear strong The sun hardened his head PI drove the car to the repair shop , As a result, the repairman only used The three minute test told me to change the compressor , The repair cost is expected to be about 2000 yuan !

I immediately raised my vigilance , The overhaul was completed so quickly ? The air conditioner is not just a compressor . Break your fingers , Two thousand dollars is not a small expense , For the sake of insurance , I decided to do my homework first , If it is confirmed that it is the problem of the compressor, make plans .

The principle of automobile air conditioner is the same as that of ordinary household air conditioner , There are also four big pieces : evaporator , Condenser , compressor , Expansion valve , Any component may cause uncooled failure , Secondly, there are circuit faults and refrigerant leakage . Involving so many projects , It only took the repairman three minutes to check and tell me the positive result , This is definitely not checked in place . Replacing the compressor is basically equivalent to replacing half a new air conditioner , This is basically the consensus of the air conditioning industry , It is also the most prone to “ Over maintenance ” The place of .

First, let's talk about the causes of the faults caused by the four major parts , The evaporator 、 Condenser 、 The probability of failure of expansion valve is relatively low , The main cause of failure is pipe blockage , The refrigerant cannot flow normally , Or the pipeline is damaged, resulting in refrigerant leakage . The failure of the compressor is relatively complex , First , It is easy to check that the external power supply fails to work properly , A test pencil can handle , The non operation of the compressor caused by external reasons can also be summarized as circuit problems . The compressor of small displacement vehicle is generally coupled with the engine by electromagnetic clutch , If the clutch does not engage properly , The compressor naturally doesn't work . If it is pulled in normally , Still unable to cool , Then there may be something wrong with the compressor .

There was once an interesting thing in a friend's car , There is cold air coming out of the air conditioner , But it didn't work , It's no use turning the temperature to the lowest , Last , He did it himself , Remove the air conditioning filter element and purge it , As a result, I felt that the blower was wrapped in paper towels , The culprit affecting the effect of air conditioning is a thin paper towel . It is estimated that if it is sent to the repair shop , Maybe we have to change the blower . It's better to be present when repairing the car , Ask the cause and effect , To avoid being cheated .

From the previous analysis, it is not difficult to summarize , The maintenance process of air conditioner shall include the following steps :1. Check the refrigerant pressure , If there is no pressure or the pressure is too high 、 too low , Fill or drain the refrigerant , In case of leakage, find the leakage point for repair welding .2. Check the electrical circuit , Power and control lines for each key component , Including the relays in the electrical box should be checked one by one .3. Check compressor related items , Determine the cause of compressor failure , Is the internal structure damaged or the coil burned . Internal damage requires cleaning the air conditioning refrigerant pipeline system , To avoid further damage to the new compressor , If the coil is burnt out, pay attention to whether there is misoperation in use , For example, frequent start and stop 、 Long lasting use, etc .

If the air conditioner is repaired , The above troubleshooting was not carried out , Directly require replacement of the compressor , Everyone must be more careful , Don't be fooled . If only the effect is poor , Just check the refrigerant pressure 、 Whether the blower works normally , Whether the outside of condenser and evaporator is dirty and blocked , Don't trust the mechanic's routine .

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