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Euler cat GT named "Mulan", mellow and cool SA coexist

2021-08-25 07:25:00 Oriental Information automobile

Automobile public opinion recently learned that , Euler automobile announced that it would launch the previously launched Euler good cat GT The model is officially named “ A magnolia ”, And will open pre-sale .

aesthetic ,GT The version is not very different from the normal version . The front bumper of the new car has undergone a new design , It looks more three-dimensional than the previous round style . Add... On both sides of the bumper L Type tusk trim , It enriches the structural hierarchy of the body shape 、 The front face becomes more fierce .

There is no obvious waistline on the side of the new car , The uneven shape makes the side more layered . meanwhile , The addition of cat claw contrast wheel hub and red brake caliper , Make the details fuller and eye-catching .

The rear of the new car ,LED The tail light group is hidden inside the rear windshield , The rear of the car looks more personalized .

The interior of the new car is basically the same as that of the ordinary version , It's just GT The version uses a more sporty red and black style .

Power is the highlight of the car , The maximum power of its motor is 126kW, The maximum torque is increased to 250N·m. The new car has strong performance and is equipped with ORA-Launch+ Ejection start mode , Under the round appearance, there is a cool “ core ”. The above is the brand's response to “ A magnolia ” The description of this title in the new era —— Gentle in appearance and wild in heart .

source : Automobile public opinion

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