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When buying a second-hand Ford Mondeo, the other party asked for the full payment. After checking the car, my brother resolutely paid the money

2021-08-25 07:32:40 Oriental Information automobile

Ford Mondeo B Class cars were once popular in the medium-sized car market , With its atmospheric and streamlined body lines, it has won the unanimous praise of young riders , So so far Mondeo has “ Little Martin ” The title of , Now Ford Mondeo is still selling , But its sales are average , because B The class car market is highly competitive , Relatively speaking, Mondeo does not have an advantage .

Mondeo's success lies in the design of the appearance , At present, many riders are willing to buy a second-hand Mondeo , This white Mondeo is a little brother in Zhejiang 7.3 Ten thousand yuan from Ningbo , This is a 2013 Ford Mondeo 1.5L GTDi180 Fashion .

The car arrived at 2013 year 8 Licensing in January , so far 10 Thousands of kilometers , Now in order to 7.3 The price of 10000 yuan is in line with the market price , Of course, the price is not expensive , So the original owner asked for full payment , After the inspection is correct, hand in the money and the car , Maybe it's Fair , Then the little brother found some masters to inspect the car , After confirming that there was no problem with the car, I paid the money .

The body lines of Ford Mondeo are very beautiful , At present, Mondeo has not been replaced , So flower 7.3 It's worth buying this car for 10000 yuan , At least many people don't know this is 2013 In the car , There's still a lot of face when you drive out ,20 More than 10000 yuan Ford B Class sedan , Be famous .

Then the little brother opened the door and let's have a look at the Mondeo 1.5L GTDi180 Stylish interior , The low configuration model of that year , No reversing image , There is no central control navigation , The smell inside the car is light , The space is quite spacious , The oxidation degree of soft plastic parts is not obvious , It can be seen that the original owner also cherishes the vehicle .

Let's look at the basic parameters of this Mondeo , Its length, width and height are respectively 4.86 rice 、1.854 rice 、1.48 rice , Net weight 1540kg, It carries 1.5T 181 horsepower L4 engine , matching 6AT transmission , The performance of engine data is still good , But the throttle response is slow when starting , The fuel consumption is a little too high .

The rear space performance of Ford Mondeo is worthy of praise , Leg space is quite spacious , The seat is ergonomic , It meets the general needs of family cars , The owner's brother said :“ There are many people in my family , I need to buy a bigger car , I thought about it before 7 A Wuling Hongguang , But I gave up for face , Finally, I bought this second-hand Mondeo under the introduction of my friend , Although it has many disadvantages, I can stand it , As long as the three major items are OK .”

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