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Lingke 03 currently offers a maximum discount of RMB 2000 for car purchase, starting from RMB 111800. Is it worth starting?

2021-08-25 07:32:46 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Huizhou recently announced Led the g 03 Preferential prices in the region : At present, Lingke 03 The highest discount for car purchase 0.2 Ten thousand yuan ,11.18 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review link 03 Basic information of . aesthetic , Led the g 03 The overall shape of the continues the Lingke family design language . Its front face is equipped with split headlights , The vertically placed daytime running lights stand on both sides of the front of the vehicle . The high and low beam headlamps are hidden inside the front grille . It looks very personal , It's discernible . The side of the body adopts a straight double waist line design , It seems that the whole body is very sharp . The tail shape is wide , The tail lights on both sides have unique shapes , When lit, it brings good visual effect . Two side exhaust design with two outlets , Further enhance the breath of sports . interiors , Led the g 03 The interior modeling of also continues the Lingke family design language . The large central control screen is biased to the driver's side , With flat steering wheel , Create a strong sense of movement . in addition , A variety of materials are used on the center console . The overall sense of quality and technology is also very good . motivation ,1.5T The maximum horsepower of the version is 180 horse , Maximum torque to 265 Cattle meters , Better than civic 1.5T Even tough . And if you have a problem with the three cylinder engine , No problem , Others have stronger 2.0T edition , The low-power version reaches 190 horsepower ,300 Newton torque , The high-power version reaches 254 horsepower ,350 Newton torque , This performance , It can be said that almost all joint venture brand models at the same price have been killed in seconds . Security configuration ; Seat heating 、 Keyless entry 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Dual zone automatic air conditioning 、 Comfortable configuration such as wireless charging , From soup to nuts .

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