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Spend 5000 yuan to buy a WRC rally champion prototype to go off-road. What kind of experience is it?

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Hello, audience ! Welcome to the car TV Pure car play column —— 《 Poor play car 》 .


ad locum , Little Lu ” Help young people buy their first fun car with a limited budget ” Principles , Look around for all kinds of thousands of yuan 、 A used boutique car of 10000 yuan , And do the most authentic sharing !

Share the objects I talked about and the pits I stepped on !
( Can make me expose my scars , All of you are left  picture
- 2017 year 2 month 【 Suzuki rondi 】1.6 Ten thousand yuan  -
- 2017 year 6 month 【Smart】5.5 Ten thousand yuan  -
- 2018 year 2 month 【 Suzuki Swifts 】1.68 Ten thousand yuan  -
- 2018 year 2 month 【 Ford focus 】2.8 Ten thousand yuan  -
- 2018 year 8 month 【 The kei GA5】11 Ten thousand yuan  -
- 2018 year 12 month 【 Soueast Lioncel 1.5T】1.8 Ten thousand yuan -
- 2019 year 4 month 【MINI R50】3.6 Ten thousand yuan -
- 2019 year 5 month 【 Great passat B5】1.8 Ten thousand yuan -
- 2019 year 6 month 【 Toyota AE101】8000 element -
- 2019 year 10 month 【 Peugeot 206cc】1.8 Ten thousand yuan -
- 2020 year 3 month 【 Lexus ground shark 】3.3 Ten thousand yuan -
- 2020 year 9 month 【Jeep Cherokee 】6800 element -
- 2020 year 9 month 【 Chrysler 300c】4 Ten thousand yuan -
- 2021 year 3 month 【 Suzuki Swifts 1.5T】2 Ten thousand yuan -
- 2021 year 7 month 【 Citroen Senna 】5000 element -
I vaguely remember when I was in College , First love Jane told me she wanted to buy a scooter for her boyfriend , Because he often needs to go out and work overtime at night , But I can't take a taxi often , You can only ride a shared bike for more than ten kilometers .

And Jane, as a sophomore , In addition to class time, I go out part-time to earn pocket money , It has been stored for nearly half a year 1 Ten thousand pieces , Prepare a surprise for her boyfriend on Valentine's Day , It's a pity that the sudden illness of her family cost Jane the of work study 1 Ten thousand pieces .

In desperation , She found me , Intend to exchange youth for money , Under my persuasion , Helped her come up with a perfect solution —— Spend money to buy a car .


therefore , The protagonist of this issue of poor car playing is it , use 5 A thousand dollars in exchange for the Loeb campaign WRC—— Citroen Senna .

If you want to see me fall into hell and go back to earth to buy a car , Or how tight and exciting it is during the Rally , See the video for details .


If you finish watching the video , I want to buy an enjoyable Citroen Saina , Now let's share some real dry goods about this car .

As a 03 An old car in the legal system , Repairing a car is bound to be it “ Open four, stop four ” The most appropriate reason , But fortunately, the price of maintenance is very low , As big as the engine assembly (1200 element ), As small as swing arm rubber sleeve (20 element ), Whether it is disassembled parts or new auxiliary parts, they can be easily purchased through online shopping .


Pay attention to is , Repairing this old car is not a perfect repair for a roadside garage , If you want to really fix it , Be sure to major in law , They will know the common problems of French cars like the back of their hands .

In order to avoid detours , Xiao Lu, let me share some problems that must be repaired and the approximate price of the repair , For reference .


1. Valve cover gasket leakage

Whether it's 1.6 Version of TU5JP4 still 2.0 Version of 10LH47, Used more than 15 Ten thousand kilometers are bound to leak , Therefore, this part directly buys a set of chamber cover pad assembly online and comes back for replacement , The man hour plus parts cost is 500 yuan .


2. The steering gear leaks

Oil leakage from steering engine booster pump or steering engine is the normal situation of French cars , Booster pump is usually divided into rubber pipe aging and leakage , Or the booster pump cover leaks , This part can be solved by directly replacing the pipe or cover rubber ring , Man hours plus parts are about 100 Within yuan .

If you find an oil stain on the ground every day , That must be the leakage of the steering engine , In addition, the steering direction is heavy or the steering is not smooth ( Gear sense ), At this time, the whole steering gear needs to be replaced , It is recommended not to find disassembled parts , Have the ability to buy brand-new products from the original factory or brand-new products from the auxiliary factory , Because the status of car disassembly in this year is not optimistic , Man hours plus parts are about 900 Within yuan .


3. Rear axle assembly

Because the year is a little longer , There is a probability that the camber angle of the rear axle is abnormal , It may cause slight discomfort when the vehicle turns . You can usually buy a rear axle repair kit for maintenance , Or replace a rear axle with a disassembled part .

The former costs about 600 within , The latter costs 2000 about . therefore , Buy an old car , Be sure to pay attention to whether the camber angle of the rear wheel is normal , Otherwise, the gain is not worth the loss .


4. High beam part

It's also old , The light assembly will have a weak clamping point , For example, turn on the high beam , As soon as it bumps, it will automatically change back to the low beam . This part can be directly disassembled from the assembly , Replace the snap position of the steering lever .

Of course , Because French car parts are too cheap , Replacing a brand new turn signal assembly will probably take 85 element .


5. Engine failure

If you buy a car back , I found that the engine light often goes on and off , Unstable idle speed , Come on , This is usually a throttle sensor problem , Consider cleaning the throttle valve or replacing the assembly , The approximate cost is 300 within .

also , Consider carbon deposition , Need fuel additives or use low gear to pull up the speed to solve .

Last , Because the car broke down before it was repaired “ Rally ”, So I bought another as like as two peas , The bad thing is “ Rally ” Senna , Can you win in Guangdong racing circuit JDM Believe in God's chariot ? Coming soon 《 Poor play car 》 The second part of sainapan .


【 Poor play car - Looking back 】

flowers 2 Ten thousand yuan to buy a BMW 5 What is the experience ?

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