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Actress of the anti Mafia storm: Jiang Shuying 168, Che Xiao 170, Wang jundi and sun Honglei almost

2021-08-25 07:53:03 Tencent Entertainment

There is a good TV play recently 《 Black storm 》 It's worth Amway for you , The play is not only compact 、 The reversal is constant , And there are a lot of laughs . in addition , The acting skills of the actors have also received a lot of praise , Sun hong2 lei2 、 Wu yue 、 Wang Zhifei 、 Liu Zhibing 、 Hou Changrong and other excellent actors joined , And it does 《 Black storm 》 More interesting .

While caring about the fate of the character , I believe you will also be interested in topics related to actors . that , Let's start with the height of the actress in the play , See if it's what you think ?

1、 Jiang Shuying ― Play Huang Xi , height :168cm

Huang Xi, played by Jiang Shuying, is a reporter , At present, the main work is “ Undercover ”. As a reporter , In order to get close to the truth, it's understandable to go deep into the tiger's Den , But the end result is always not enough , There is more to lose than to lose , It's normal for the audience not to buy .

The data shows , Jiang Shuying is tall 168cm, I feel the data is accurate . Because I always think Jiang Shuying's height should be 170 above ,168cm Obviously low-key . The reason why Jiang Shuying is so high , There are three reasons :

First of all, Jiang Shuying's figure is symmetrical , And the legs are long , Beautiful legs have now become an important label for her ; Secondly, Jiang Shuying always wears shoes with high heels when he appears in public ; Third, Jiang Shuying is famous for its coldness and beauty , Getting along with others always gives people a condescending attitude , So it will be higher .

2、 Yang Yutong ― Play Xu yingzi , height :170cm

Although Yang Yutong's debut time is not long , But in 《 Black storm 》 But the performance in . Because the fate of the role is miserable , So Xu yingzi's downline makes many viewers feel uneasy , At the same time, he also recognized the empathy of actor Yang Yutong , Inadvertently, this 95 Later, Xiaohua accidentally became popular with her role in the play .

Maybe Yang Yutong feels like a girl next door , It looks Petite , So I don't believe her height is 170cm. But I saw this picture above Yang Yutong , I found that Yang Yutong is really tall , Big long legs are also particularly eye-catching , Unlike Jiang Shuying, she likes to wear high heels , Yang Yutong seems to have a special liking for flat shoes !

3、 Wu yue ― Play he Yun , height :167cm

It is recognized that Wu Yue has acting skills , But in 《 Black storm 》 But some of the audience think her aura is not enough . Regarding this , I don't agree , Instead, I think Wu Yue's acting method is very advanced , After all, walking is windy , High heels Click , Arrogant strong women are acted out , On the contrary, it is not as grounded as the role created by Wu Yue , You say! ?

Wu Yue gives me the impression that it is not tall or short , It looks like a drag , medium height , People are excellent .167cm The height of , It also meets my expectations , Because Yuan Quan 168cm, Mayi �P164cm, The picture of three people in the same frame just shows that they are not lying .

4、 Luan Mingyuan ― Play Xiaoxia , height :170cm

Luan Mingyuan, who plays Xu yingzi's best friend Xiaoxia, is a model , She has won the title of Miss Chinese of Australia , Because the profession of modeling requires height , therefore 170cm There must be no false report .

5、 Fu Mei ― The play plays Sisi , height :167cm

Sisi doesn't have many scenes in the play , But Hong Kong style looks and temperament make this role very attractive . Statistics show that Fu Mei's height is 167cm, Because I learned dance from childhood , So keep in good shape .

6、 Che Xiao ― Play li Lijuan , height :170cm

I used to think Che Xiao and Jiang Shuying had the same acting skills , But in 《 Black storm 》 CRRC Xiao obviously plays better than Jiang Shuying . The slow presentation is both relaxed and , And calm , It fits the role very well .

Statistics show that Che Xiao's height is 170cm, I think it's true , Because on TV 《 Good sir 》 She and sun Honglei are in the same frame , Che Xiao is really high .

7、 Generally known ― Play Yu Jingjing , height :170cm

Yu Jingjing is the landlady of Xiaoyu wonton restaurant , At the same time, it is also the white moonlight in Li Chengyang's heart , Because they are beautiful , Easygoing personality , Therefore, it is affectionately called by netizens “ Wonton Xishi ”.

Zhou Zhi graduated from Chinese opera , height 170cm, Intellectual beauty, long legs , Anyone who sees it will feel beautiful , I just don't know why her appearance and acting skills are reasonable. She always plays some supporting roles ?

8、 Wang jundi ― Play Zheng Yihong , height :177cm

Zheng Yihong is the villain in the play , Ostensibly the boss of a media company , But he is actually Gao Mingyuan's right-hand man . Although people are not pleasant , But it must be admitted that Zheng Yihong's temperament is still very outstanding .

Wang jundi, who plays Zheng Yihong, is sun Honglei's wife , Everyone on earth should know , But you may not know that Wang jundi's height is 177cm. Statistics show that sun Honglei's height is 180cm, From the picture of two people in the same frame , They are indeed about the same height .

Read the inventory above , You will find that the actresses in the play are not only beautiful , They are not short . Jiang Shuying 168cm、 Generally known 170cm As expected , Wang jundi 177cm It's a little unexpected , I didn't expect sun Honglei's wife to be so tall . that , You pay attention to TV dramas 《 Black storm 》 Do you ? You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area , And pay close attention to it synchronously !

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