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Seventh generation Elantra: engine technology analysis, turbine model is more fuel-efficient than self-priming version!

2021-08-25 08:02:29 Oriental Information automobile

Elantra for domestic consumers , It has always been a more recognizable car , The latest 7 Generation models have been upgraded in appearance , Last year, 10 Month official listing . Many people say that Korean cars have a little sunset , But in terms of sales , Elantra pulled back a game , From last year 7 According to the sales data released in January , Sold 8381 platform , Although it can't compare with Xuanyi 3.7 Ten thousand units , But it belongs to the level of playing well .

In the cognition of some people , High value models will have a little embroidered pillows . Elantra as a flagship 10 Family cars in the 10000 market , The manufacturer's guide price is 9.98~14.18 Between ten thousand , The figure is standard , The length, width and height are respectively 4680×1810×1415 mm , Body wheelbase at 2720 mm . In beauty 、 Space 、 When the prices are in place , Many car owners will worry about whether they lag behind in power . Judging from the models currently on sale , Beijing Hyundai Elantra provides two power schemes , Namely 1.5L Naturally aspirated version 、1.4T Turbocharged version .

First from 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , The engine provides a variety of technologies , For example, more EFI . In addition, the cylinder head and cylinder block are made of aluminum alloy , In terms of specific parameters , The maximum power is 84.5kW, The maximum torque is 144N·m. The maximum torque speed can reach 4500rpm, The maximum power speed can reach 6300rpm, Itself in conformity with the country 6 standard .

The naturally aspirated version is an appetizer , The main focus is 1.4T On the turbocharged engine , First of all, in terms of parameters , The maximum power is 103kW, The maximum torque is 211N·m, The maximum power speed is 6000rpm, Maximum torque speed at 1400~3700rpm. The engine provides in cylinder direct injection technology , In order to increase the explosive force at low speed and wear resistance at high speed , An electronic pressure relief valve is added to the turbocharger . It can ensure greater explosive force at low speed , It can reduce engine wear at high speed , With the blessing of in cylinder direct injection technology , And improve the combustion efficiency .

Because of excellent engine technology , The fuel consumption of the turbine version is further reduced , Even better than 1.5L The self-priming version is more fuel-efficient . from NEDC According to the comprehensive fuel consumption data ,1.4T The turbine version of the 100km model is integrated in 5.2L,1.5L The 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption of the self-priming version is 5.3L. From a dynamic point of view ,1.4T The turbocharged engine version is a small displacement model , But if you want to start a little heavier, step on the accelerator pedal , You can get a good feeling of pushing your back . Elantra, in terms of positioning , The design itself is partial motion , When the chassis is adjusted, it will be hard , But it doesn't have much impact when facing the small deceleration belt , Mainly to increase a certain road feeling , And the direction control is very flexible , Don't worry about lateral support when turning .

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