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The market positioning of GAC motor GS4 is still awkward under the discount of 4000 yuan

2021-08-25 08:12:53 Wechat automobile

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With the introduction of independent brands SUV The continuous reduction of model prices , At home 8-14 10000 price range SUV There are a large number of bright young products in the market , Among them, the most competitive is undoubtedly the newly replaced Chang'an CS55PLUS, And perennial occupation SUV Harvard in the sales list H6, But there is another car that is also very competitive , It is 2022 GAC motor GS4.


As a new model , Today we walk into 4S I feel close to the store. How is it different from the old models . First , In appearance, the new trumpchi GS4 Continue the overall design of the old model , But I have made some improvements in details , In particular, the large-scale Zhongwang has photon wings 、 Ling Yunyi , And three shapes of Zhentian wing , Meet the personalized preferences of different young car buyers . The changes in the rear of the car are mainly concentrated under the through tail lamp , Adopt sculptural design , If you don't look carefully, it's easy to be confused .

Let's talk about the interior , New trumpchi GS4 The interior is made of T Glyph layout , red / Black contrast design brings a clear visual effect , The most important thing is that the new car has two 12.3 Inch screen , Although it's not a big screen design , But it does add a lot of technical elements to this car . It is worth noting that 2022 Trumpchi GS4 Equipped with the latest version of ADiGO Smart Drive Internet Ecosystem , And many intelligent interactive systems , Bring users a more convenient travel environment .

As for motivation , The new car adopts JuLang power 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The maximum power is 124 kw , Peak torque 265 cattle · rice , To match 6 manual 、7 Block wet double clutch and 6 Block hand from one body , One power matching three different transmissions , It can be seen that GAC motor's operation really makes it easier to integrate into different consumer groups .

Have to say , although 2022 GAC motor GS4 It's just an annual car change , But only from the appearance 、 To configure 、 The power part has seen that this top configuration is only 13.18 The sincerity brought by Wan .




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