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Krypton 001 became popular overnight. How much do you know about its three electricity black technology?

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Self polar krypton 001 Since its introduction to the market , It is highly sought after ,4 At the end of the month , The delivery deadline has been scheduled to 2022 year , You know, this is a situation that many users have never driven , Created a feat !


Krypton in the end 001 What kind of magic it has , Let so many people return what they have ordered Model 3 Turn around and buy it , The reason is simple and clear , It's because it has a handsome figure of small palamera .

But just brushing your face , A short time is OK , After a long time, it certainly won't work , Only with the strength of real gold and silver can we hold people's hearts ,8 month 19 Japan , When I saw the krypton official decrypting krypton for the public 001 After the live broadcast of Sandian Technology , All the worries about krypton vanished .

Security , Is the most important self-cultivation of an electric car

Everything about new energy vehicle technology is based on safety , So judge whether a new energy vehicle is good or not , The first thing to study is definitely safety .

Although krypton 001 Have the wonderful posture of hunting sedan running , But what's more wonderful than the design is its system wide protection , Polar krypton 001 It not only has advanced battery management system to ensure that the battery cell 、 Battery pack safety , And also according to the global super five-star safety standards to build steel muscles and iron bones , Let krypton 001“ No heat spread in the ”、“ Don't be afraid of bumping ”.


however , How can people believe in krypton 001 Have absolute security , It must be subjected to all kinds of rigorous tests .

In the live , Polar krypton 001 Experienced as many as 472 Project test of item , Beyond the national standard 122%, What impressed me most was the battery pack acupuncture test 、 Thermal diffusion test and 48 Hour immersion test .

For acupuncture test , A considerable number of car brands have done similar things before , The principle is very simple , When a steel needle passes through the battery pack , Observe whether the cell is on fire due to damage , And krypton 001 Of “ Pole core ” The battery only smokes slightly after acupuncture , There was no fire in the whole process 、 The explosion , It has reached the highest existing safety standard for new energy vehicles .


And in the thermal diffusion experiment ,“ Pole core ” The battery is also quite stable , Heat the entire battery pack to 800℃ above , There was no spread 、 The situation of the fire .


Of course, a safe battery is not only tested by high temperature , You have to be satisfied to keep the water out , stay 48 Hours of immersion test , Polar krypton 001 The battery pack also has no water ingress 、 Let the cat out of the 、 The shell is broken 、 Fire or explosion, etc , Liquid cooling system 、 The air tightness of the battery pack can still meet the requirements , And can be charged and discharged normally .

What makes krypton 001 The battery pack is impervious to water and fire ?

Thanks to krypton 001 High voltage single crystal is used Ni55+ Electric core , Although not dominant in energy density , But it has higher safety at the material level .


In addition, krypton 001 It is also equipped with comprehensive self-study BMS Systems and NTP No heat spread technology , Take advantage of big data , Through the cloud 、 Vehicle end 、 Pile end three end coordination ,7x24 Hour uninterrupted real-time diagnosis , Combined with multi-layer insulation 、 Barrier free heat removal 、 Implement prevention and control 、 Automatic warning 、 Active cooling 、 Millisecond power failure and so on , So as to guarantee “ Pole core ” Durability and safety of battery pack .


More Than This , Polar krypton 001 It has also built a high-strength body with Volvo's safety standards , The comprehensive stiffness of the vehicle body reaches 40000N·m/deg, Passed easily 15° Side impact 、 just 45º Wheel release force , positive 25% Offset collision, etc 202 A rigorous safety test at the system level .

High efficiency is the best way to travel without worry

At the current rate of Technological Development , Range is no longer a problem at all , After all, many models have entered 700km+ Era , Polar krypton 001 It also includes , The longest endurance can reach 712km.

At present, the biggest puzzle of new energy vehicles is the efficiency of external energy supplement , If the charging time can be controlled within half an hour , I think more consumers will choose pure electric vehicles .


So in polar krypton 001 On , They guarantee long endurance while , It also improves the energy supplement efficiency , First of all, it was developed by krypton itself 360kW Pole filling pile , Not only the outer diameter of the cable is less than 25mm, It can also carry the maximum current 650A, So that the power is lower than 10% when , It can reach close to... In a short time 200kW The charging power of , Thus, charging can be realized 5 minute NEDC Endurance increased 120km” Energy replenishment speed , Of course, all this has to be concluded after practical experience .

Another way to improve efficiency is to optimize the efficiency of the three electricity system , At present, krypton 001 The motors of are from electric power production and Weirui , Both motors have the three in one flat wire technology for mass production for the first time , It can increase the slot full rate and improve the power , Improve heat dissipation capacity .


Take Verizon motor for example , With this technology , The highest efficiency can reach 97.86%, While minimizing energy loss , It also recovers excess output energy , Let the table show that the endurance is almost the same as the real endurance .

At present, these two motors are accelerating in the whole vehicle 、 Power consumption of the whole vehicle and NVH The performance of noise control is completely consistent , You don't have to worry about who is better , Because no matter which motor you choose , The first non operating car owners can enjoy the lifelong free warranty rights .


As was born in SEA The first pure electric vehicle under the vast Architecture , Polar krypton 001 Was embraced by the protagonist's aura , Market expectations for it are very high , Because krypton 001 The arrival of the , Let market standards change again , The premium of some brands has been pressed down , This is absolutely beneficial to consumers .


As for krypton 001 What the hell happened to this car , It will certainly be criticized and praised , After all, every car is not 100% perfect , But from the design 、 technology 、 In terms of price , Polar krypton 001 It is bound to bring great pressure to the eldest brothers at the same level .



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