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This car really competes for the face of domestic cars and has been purchased by Bulgaria as a police car. Netizen: it's so domineering

2021-08-25 08:39:14 Oriental Information automobile

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the domestic automobile market , Many consumers also have a new understanding of domestic cars , Many people believe that domestic cars belong to the bottom of the auto industry , But that's not the case . Most domestic cars are not much different from joint ventures or imported cars . honestly , When the technology of domestic cars is very poor , The quality of the joint venture car is also in the eyes of consumers , Actually , The quality of domestic cars is really not as good as joint ventures or imported cars .

But in the technology market , When many independent brands develop independently , Improvements have been made , Now the quality of domestic cars is absolutely not bad . If you want a fuel-efficient , There are still many models to choose from , If you want medium and high-end models , With an auspicious collar 、 Great Wall Harvard series 、 View to 、 Wei to ES8 etc. . If you want great power , You can choose... At random . Now the quality of domestic cars is still very good , What I want to tell you is that this car really wins glory for the country , After being bought by Bulgarians, it became a large number of police cars , Seeing this situation, many netizens think it's really domineering , This model is Haval H6 了 . I believe many friends have known this car for a long time . Also have a certain understanding .

In fact, Harvard has been in the overseas market for a long time , As we all know , Russia , Middle East , Harvard University has been selling very high in Russia , Set up factories and... In Russia 4 s shop , Many problems at home are not models instead of actual going abroad to start again , Because there is a lot less prejudice . Even in the Middle East , The harvard H6 Our sales are also very high . In countries with unequal distribution of wealth , People's lives are unequal . Whether the quality of domestic cars is recognized or not , There are always impartial people who are willing to look at things objectively .

The harvard H6 Nowadays, it is very glorious in the overseas market , As a police car, we should have high requirements for the quality of the car , Yes, of course , The harvard H6 I did a good job at this point , The reason why I can choose Harvard H6 It just needs to have many conditions and factors , It also shows that Harvard H6 The performance and quality of the car . Actually , Police cars have no more than three factors : First of all , Speed must be fast , Only the power performance is fast , You can speed up the chase in a few seconds during the mission . If you're procrastinating , be too tired to run , How can you finish the task ? Second, the quality is reliable , Irregular maintenance . If the car breaks down every three to five times , For example, the engine burns oil , Like carbon , For example, when it automatically turns off and emits blue smoke , Then the car can't drive ?

Of course , The choice of quality is reliable and stable , So the mission won't call the trailer on the way . Last but not least , Comprehensive performance should be excellent . for example , The fuel consumption of the car should be too high . The power performance of the car should be very high . And the space should be large , Only spacious space can make people sit more , There are also places for placing equipment . Police cars seem to represent the image of the authorities , The harvard H6 The overall design really gives people a bright feeling , As a police car , It's also very dignified to drive out , The most important thing is that the car is still very powerful in performance . Actually , The harvard H6 In today's domestic cars, the sales volume is better than that of joint venture cars , Virtually put a lot of pressure on the joint venture car , however , On the whole, it really brings honor to domestic cars . This is also what makes netizens like .

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