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Domestic cars are booming! Buy these SUVs and have fun

2021-08-25 08:43:25 Oriental Information automobile

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「 Very influential 」, It means like the sun at noon , Metaphorical things are developing to a very prosperous stage . Compare it to today's domestic cars , I think it's perfect . exactly , in recent years , The growth of domestic models is obvious to all , Especially in the areas where people pay the most attention SUV field , There has never been a lack of dazzling products , Popular models are one after another . For example, these models to be discussed today , These are made in China SUV Car owners steal music when they buy it !

Gac and kei -GS4 PLUS

Factory guided price :12.68-14.98 Ten thousand yuan

Preferential price : There is no discount

as everyone knows , Before GS4 It has always been the pillar of trumpchi's sales , Unfortunately, after the replacement, the sales of cash models are not satisfactory , It is far from the previous generation , To remedy the market ,GS4 PLUS emerge as the times require . Anyone with a good eye should know , Although it's called GS4 PLUS, The suffix is added 「PLUS」, But in fact, it is a modified GS5 only . be known as GS4, In my bones GS5, In fact, trumpchi's intention is obvious , Just want to continue to use GS4 This gold paint sign , To revive car sales .

There's no need to say more about appearance , Almost one-sided praise , Recently, the appearance of trumpchi's new cars is very online , So is the shadow leopard , The machine GS4 PLUS The same is true . Into the car , If you are in GS4 From the perspective of , It's almost new , But if you use cash GS5 Look at , Just four words :「 There is no change 」.

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