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This GT super run is going to be hot, with 816 horsepower + 2.7s breaking 100, and the endurance has reached 1000 km

2021-08-25 08:43:29 Oriental Information automobile

When it comes to super running , I believe everyone will think of Lamborghini 、 Maserati 、 Ferrari and other models , exactly , These models are very famous all over the world , But they are also very expensive , In real life, it is also a rare model , And today we're going to talk about this GT Super run is also an independent brand , And it is the brand of Zhengdao automobile founded by former BMW Brilliance executives - Right way GT, Show on data , It not only has 816 The horsepower of , And the acceleration of 100 kilometers is only 2.7 second , And the range has reached 1000 km , This super run was released at the Geneva Auto Show , As soon as it appeared, it reached a very hot state , It has attracted the attention of many local tyrants and the rich second generation childe , It can be imagined that this right way GT It's also very tempting , If you drive out, you'll have a 100% return rate , Let's take a look at it first , This kind of GT Super run is going to be hot , Have 816 horsepower +2.7S The endurance of breaking 100 has reached 1000 km !

From the appearance of the front face , Right way GT China network is adopted and “ Boomerang ” Designed air intake grille , The symmetrical shape is like a blooming petal , It is closely integrated with the headlights on both sides , No wonder such a personalized design has attracted the attention of many local tyrants , Look sideways again , I have to say this is the right way GT The design is really cool , The sense of line is also very rich , In addition, on its body, there is a Benny farana LOGO, And it also shows its identity as Italy , On the tail is also “ Buttocks up ” Spoiler design , When driving at high speed, it brings great stability to the whole vehicle , On the whole, there is a shadow of Maserati .

It is rare to use on the door “ Gull wing gate ” Design , After opening on both sides, it is like the wings of an eagle , Very handsome , The temperament displayed in the interior is the same as the appearance , Its suspended central control screen is designed for the co pilot , Dual width multifunctional steering wheel , The most interesting thing is to block the area here , It also has a small screen , It looks like the car has a push-button shift operation , Xiaobian wants to say whether this design is really suitable for sports cars ? The seat is equipped with 2+2 Layout , And most of them are wrapped in leather .

On the power , The vehicle adopts the micro turbine generator range extender of navigation port technology, and its working principle is to inject fuel into combustion engine , To drive the rotation , And deliver the power to the generator , And the generator is also battery charging , Finally, the battery drives the motor to provide power for the car , The car has 816 horsepower , And accelerating at 100 kilometers only takes 2.7 second , And its electric endurance has reached 1000 km , It is worth mentioning that the designer of this car is personally operated by Ferrari designers , On the whole, it's a complete explosion of Ferrari 、 lamborghini 、 Maserati and other models . However, with such a rich configuration, I believe its price is also very expensive .

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