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The two blockbuster MPVS to be unveiled at Chengdu auto show are worth a good look!

2021-08-25 08:43:48 Youshi automobile

Because this is a good time for the country to open the three child policy , Therefore, many manufacturers have also quickly launched some products focusing on the home market MPV models . For example, Toyota, which is no different in the overseas market SIENNA、 The fourth generation Kia Jiahua , The emergence of trumpchi in the domestic market M8、 roewe iMAXA8、 Wuling Kaijie and other models . And they came for nothing else , Just to seize MPV The market segment is the pastry . Now , With the opening of Chengdu auto show , At this auto show , Toyota, which used to sell only in overseas markets SIENNA And Kia Jiahua will also realize domestic production . thus , If dads want to choose a high-quality MPV Words , You just have to take a good look at them .

A new generation of Kia Jiahua ( The fourth generation )

The third generation Kia Jiahua

Jiahua used to be in 21 At the beginning of the century, he came to the domestic market as an imported model for sales , Unfortunately, people's concept of a car was very vague at that time , So this model didn't make much waves . Now , Watching the domestic SUV Models have been developed in full swing , The state has also opened up the three child policy , So the next air outlet is likely to face MPV Models are developing .

Dongfeng Yueda Kia is obviously a person who can judge the situation “ Lord ”, During this year's Shanghai Auto Show , So CKD The form of assembly car has brought a new generation of Kia Jiahua . At that time, people were not very impressed with it , It's not sure whether it's made in China , Now only a short time has passed 4 Months , This car will be pre sold at Chengdu auto show ,9 It will be officially launched in January , It can be seen that Dongfeng Yueda Kia has promoted the new car so fast this time .

From the product itself , The beauty of the fourth generation of Jiahua is enough to pass the pass , It also looks more like a SUV. Especially the side , It's even a bit like American SUV An explorer's aura , So from its appearance , I think it can impress domestic users . Besides , To say size , The length, width and height of the new Jiahua have also reached 5155/1995/1795mm, The wheelbase is 3090mm, Proper medium and large SUV figure . Plus the 2+2+3 Seat layout , There is no need to worry about the overall spatial performance .

As for motivation , Kia has provided one for Jiahua's whole department this time 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power has 233 horsepower , The transmission is expected to match 8 Self - contained gearbox . Compared with Buick, which has been fighting in the domestic market for many years GL8, The dynamic parameters are not inferior , So there is no problem with the power configuration .

that , The new generation Kia Jiahua is a qualified household MPV Do you ? From the look it has released so far 、 interior 、 Space 、 Power and other information , Kia Jiahua has a good comprehensive strength , Compared to Buick GL8, It also has certain advantages in appearance , Although the spatial performance did not crush the existence of opponents at the same level , But there's nothing wrong with the your opponent . therefore , Personally, I think Kia Jiahua will be a “ spoiler ”, Its existence will certainly affect the tradition MPV Market impact . As to whether it will sell well in the end , I think it still depends on the price . Fortunately , It will announce the pre-sale price at the Chengdu auto show , So dads must keep an eye on .

GAC Toyota Saina

Toyota SIENNA In fact, it has been released overseas for some time , I thought the domestic version of GAC Toyota would not officially meet us until next year , But I never thought , GAC Toyota actually accelerated the pace , The new car will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Chengdu auto show . Have to say , GAC Toyota is really fast this time .

For GAC Toyota Saina , In fact, many friends are looking forward to . After all , Toyota SIENNA It has long been famous in overseas markets , Chinese people have always held a kind of “ The moon abroad is relatively round ” Look at the car with a good attitude . And what you can't get is often the best , This is in Toyota SIENNA The model is interpreted to the extreme . therefore , Heard of Toyota SIENNA It will be made by GAC Toyota , Many people have been paying attention to it since last year , It can be seen that its market recognition .

Now , The domestic version of GAC Toyota Saina has also been gradually exposed . In terms of shape , The new car is basically the same as the overseas version of Toyota SIENNA The models are consistent , The dimensions of length, width and height have also reached 5180mm、1995mm、1765(1786)mm, The wheelbase is 3060mm, Positioning medium and large scale MPV, And to provide 2+2+3 Seat layout .

From the interior , It is expected that GAC Toyota Saina will also compete with the overseas version SIENNA The design is similar . Suspended central control screen with wood grain like texture material , The whole center console has a strong sense of hierarchy , Plus the visible storage space layout , Therefore, this set of interior decoration should also be able to win the hearts of Chinese people . As for motivation ,2.5L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine + The motor's hybrid system , The comprehensive power of the system can reach 249 horsepower (183kW), In terms of parameters , It's enough to cope with the family , And the hybrid drive will also save enough fuel , This is its advantage .

in general , With the official arrival of GAC Toyota race , household MPV There is bound to be another fierce competition in the market . And about the price of Saina , Recently, a group of suspected price information has been exposed on the Internet . According to the informant : GAC Toyota Saina LE For a 27.68 Ten thousand yuan ,XLE For a 29.98 Ten thousand yuan ,LTD For a 31.68 Ten thousand yuan ,LTD PLUS For a 33.78 Ten thousand yuan ,PLATINUM For a 36.98 Ten thousand yuan . For the authenticity of this price , At present, we can't study it , But if Saina really 27.68-36.98 Selling at a price of 10000 yuan , So would you choose it ? Compared with Jiahua , Whose products are more powerful ? Leave a message below , Let's talk about .( writing / Youshi auto Dazhuo )

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