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My wife wanted to buy Audi A6L, but I chose the new ES, which proved to be the right choice

2021-08-25 08:54:06 Oriental Information automobile

50 All around the ( Landing price ) What kind of luxury brand cars can you buy ? Second tier luxury brands include Cadillac CT6、 Volvo S90、 Lincoln Continental, etc , Or a German Mercedes Benz E level 、 BMW 5 system 、 audi A6L Models such as , I believe these models are the first models that many people will think of , It is not difficult to find that luxury cars at this price are generally medium and large cars , And the models below the high configuration are basically low-power 2.0T The engine , And the configuration level is not high .

hand 50w As the second car in life , I want to buy a durable car 、 Large space 、 A powerful car , In fact, at the beginning , hand 50 Over the budget , I looked at the discount , Wife, she wants to get married A6L High configuration , That is to say 2021 paragraph 45 TFSI Enjoy life . But I don't want to buy , Mainly, I think Audi A6L Although it is a high configuration model , But there are many hard plastics in the central control , The configuration is really a little shabby , Lane departure warning needs to be installed separately (7k)、 Adaptive cruise control option (2w block )、 Electric adjustment of steering wheel (4k), At this price, the seats are still imitation leather , And Audi A6L For the first year 76% The hedging rate of is at the bottom of the same level . In addition to the logo , The overall product strength is not excellent , Combined with the above factors , I just gave up A6L.

Later, I saw the Chinese Automobile Circulation Association on the Internet “2020 Annual report on China's automobile maintenance rate ” The first model Lexus ES, opened 4 The hedging rate in was as high as 78.96%! Than the audi A6L The hedging rate in the first year is even higher , After all, I have to change the car after driving for a few years , The high hedging rate also means that you won't lose too much when changing cars in the future , So I think the hedging rate is still very important , Moreover, the hedging rate is also related to the after-sales performance of the product 、 Word of mouth 、 Quality is also linked .

I'm interested in the medium-term version of Lexus ES, The price is 29.49 ten thousand -48.89 Ten thousand yuan , My opinion is to choose high configuration directly , in other words 2021 paragraph 300h Premium Edition , The naked car is 43.49w, Last landing total 48.8w, Less than my initial budget . My wife wants to buy BMW and Audi , I chose the new style ES, It turned out to be the right choice .

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