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Automatic driving or assisted driving? Wei Lai has two accidents in half a month, which may lead to crisis!

2021-08-25 08:54:09 Oriental Information automobile

The so-called success and failure , Weilai automobile, which has always been at the forefront of science and technology, has recently been in big trouble , Two traffic accidents in a row in half a month , Two car owners died , One of them is Lin Moumou, the founder of a well-known brand , The accident was caused by the driver Wei to ES8 The autopilot function of (NOP Pilot status ) after , A traffic accident occurred in the Hanjiang section of Shenhai Expressway , Lin Moumou died only 31 year , It's a pity .

8 month 18 The morning of , One copy 《 Weilai car owner yes NP/NOP Joint statement on systematic cognition 》 call : The owner of Weilai is well aware of the current of Weilai company NP/NOP Auxiliary driving system , It is not automatic driving system or driverless system ; Weilai company is interested in NP/NOP Introduction to 、 The publicity did not confuse or mislead the owners of Weilai .

In the afternoon , In Weilai App In the community of , Some Weilai car owners launched “ Joint statement against car owners ” The topic of . A Weilai car owner said in a message under the changed topic ,“ I do not agree with the contents expressed in the joint statement of vehicle owners , Hereby declare .” By the end of 20 Sunday night , Wei to APP Community participation “ Joint statement against car owners ” Topic users have reached 1 10, .

Why does it have to be called automatic driving when it is clearly auxiliary driving ? In fact, in the final analysis, it's the person who named it , In the first two years, when automatic driving rose, there were clear grading notes , from L0-L5 There are clear divisions , Only to achieve L5 Level requirements are the real automatic driving . However, due to the rise of automatic driving, it has not been a few years , Not everyone knows the division of grades , Moreover, the word "automatic driving" is very confusing to users , Make them think autopilot is L5 Level 1 fully automatic driving , Rest assured to give your life to the vehicle . In fact, I think this matter should be standardized , Except that the future can really achieve L5 Level 1 fully automatic driving , The remaining automatic driving levels shall be collectively referred to as assisted driving . The manufacturer can publicize how advanced your auxiliary driving is , But be sure to remind car buyers to maintain vehicle supervision , The car should also be protected from falling off the pipe , Remind the driver to take over the vehicle , In this way, more traffic accidents can be avoided . however , It's too late to mend , Weilai is in crisis because of these two accidents , No amount of compensation can recover the loss of reputation .

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