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Refitting is the only way out. Who will you choose, Toyota supra and Nissan Z?

2021-08-25 09:00:35 Oriental Information automobile

You buy a Toyota , premium 12 ten thousand , to ground 80 ten thousand , Are you crazy ? you 're right , You read that right , This is when a friend buys one Toyota Supra after , Countless voices of doubt from around me . When friends complain to me , At first I also advised him , Although Toyota Supra It's hot right now , You can even manage money , But this relationship between market supply and demand will not last long , Soon there will be a Toyota with few kilometers Supra Start shooting , Strong prices won't last long .

But from the product itself , If only a few years earlier , Maybe I'll start this car too , It's not because of my feelings , This is the memory of Japanese performance cars, just like old photos , It has begun to turn yellow , Once the dream began to wither . This is one that can help you find those years JDM Emotional car , I know many people say this car is not JDM, Because it's going to BMW for maintenance , ha-ha , That's true. . Although it is a BMW Z4, But think back , Is there a stage , You play JDM I hope a Japanese performance car with European chassis adjustment will appear ?

Toyota Supra The reason why it has something to do with feelings , It's nothing more than it and “2JZ The ox demon king ” It's just the same name , In fact, you and I both know it's not 《 Fast and furious 1》 The Toyota that Paul Walker drives inside Supra. It's like saying 《 initial D》, Many people think of AE86 equally , Today's Toyota 86 and AE86 It's just the same name , There is no special inheritance , A car is a good car , In the market also because 86 Two numbers are all the rage , A car is hard to get . Now it is also ill fated , After several delisting , This year, it will re-enter the Chinese market .

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