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The new Volkswagen Passat will be launched soon. The new China open runs through the tail lights, showing a younger appearance

2021-08-25 09:00:51 Oriental Information automobile

stay B Among the class cars , The sales volume of Volkswagen Passat is not as good as that of the old model , Plus the results of the collision some time ago , Passat didn't pass the collision , However, the public corrected this in time , It can also be seen that the public still cares very much . With 8 month 26 The day is drawing near , The new Volkswagen Passat is also coming on the market , Although the new car has opened the pre-sale mode before , But the overall change of the new model is still obvious , The new Passat belongs to the medium-term modification , Mainly the adjustment of appearance , The power engine has not changed , And the new style has a stronger sense of fashion , At the same time, the new model still maintains the choice of fuel version and hybrid version , A total of... Were launched in the fuel version 7 Product configuration . The body length of the new model is longer than that of the current model 15mm, Other sizes are the same as cash , And the length and width exceed the cash maiteng , The height is lower than maiteng 2mm, Almost negligible , Keep the wheelbase consistent .

The overall appearance of the new Passat looks younger , Especially the large size of the front face , Added star chrome grille , Separation of middle through chrome plating strip , In addition to the through enclosure, the interior adopts diamond blackened grille , On both sides C Modeling decoration , Whether it's fashion or sports , All enhanced a lot , however , Passat with a business flavor , Still keep , There are two options for Passat , This is also to better meet two different consumer groups .

The body side , Consistent with cash , Strong lines run through the rear with the body , The car body is equipped with multi width two-color wheels . The biggest change in the tail is equipped with a new through blackened tail lamp , At the same time, the tail lamp is inlaid with PASSAT Lettered logo , Not only does it look atmospheric , And it's a lot safer at night , After all, most of the people who buy Passat are in black , For new through taillights , Can play a great degree of recognition , The bumper is still a through chrome trim , At the same time, false exhaust port decoration is formed on both sides , The sense of movement is not reduced .

motivation , Still carry 1.4T and 2.0T Low power and high power turbocharged engines , The maximum power is output separately 110 kw 、137 Kilowatts and 162 kw , The maximum torque is 250 Cattle meters 、320 Niumi and 350 Cattle meters , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox . meanwhile PHEV The model will also be equipped with 1.4T Combination of engine and plug-in hybrid system .

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