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be careful! This co creation may be different from what you think

2021-08-25 09:06:12 Oriental Information automobile

They are called " Net generation "; They like to customize 、 exclusive 、 limited 、 A joint ; Pay attention to circle 、 Interest in 、 idea 、 People and emotions ; They are willing to pay for the surrounding brand and brand premium , Both pragmatism , I can't escape my shame, that is, justice ……

When 90 After that, we moved towards 30 year ,Z Generations of young people deserve to be the of the times C The person in charge .

Some people say , This is a " have to Z Generations of young people have won the world " A new era of consumption , So is the automobile consumer market .

China Z Generations of young people are about 2.6 Hundreds of millions of people , Only when car companies understand them can they understand the future value orientation and aesthetic rules .

about Z For generations of young people , A good car should never have only basic transportation function —— The appearance of personality trend 、 Intelligent and interesting soul 、 The performance of surging passion has to be .

After all , This is not only a pursuit of quality of life , It is also an uncompromising attitude towards life .

that , If the budget is 15 Ten thousand yuan or so , Do you have one SUV It can meet the various needs of young people , Become the most suitable for Z Hard core cars for generations of young people ? Co creation Zº³ It can be counted as a .

8 month 20 Friday night , Co create a new model — Co creation Zº³ Officially open Da Ding , Presale price range 13-15 Ten thousand yuan , The trendy version ( The five seat ) Presale price range 13-14 Ten thousand yuan , Chaozhi version ( The five seat ) Presale price range 14-15 Ten thousand yuan .

In addition to the sincere pre-sale price , He Chuang automobile also brings users a large set of exclusive rights and interests , Including underlying interests + Limited time benefit package , It can be said that the benefits are full .

that , In addition to the pre-sale price and welfare policy , Co creation Zº³ How to conquer Z generation , Do it with them " Co creation " Well ?

In the eyes of Kung Fu cars , Co creation Zº³ Of " methodology ", Is to find out 90 And after 95 after Z Generations of car buying psychology , The product positioning is completely aimed at the young market .

In a nutshell ,Z What do you like , Co creation Zº³ Just give something .

First , about Z For generations , The car is no longer the most common means of transportation , But a carrier to express one's own personality .

that , A set of personalized design , It is undoubtedly the first point to impress young consumers .

Co creation Zº³ The appearance adopts the design language of combat Aesthetics , The sharp edges and solid surface bring a sense of movement and future to the whole vehicle , With hollow blade tail , Show an enterprising trend attitude with a ready body attitude .

The sky light headlamp group and the light guard tail lamp group with great visual impact , With a variety of wisdom lantern patterns , Give Way Zº³ Show the charm of fashion and Technology .

Outside the design , Intelligent configuration is Z Generational decision making " First indicator ".

Co creation Zº³ Innovative application of a number of cutting-edge technologies , carrying HYCAN PILOT 2.0 Intelligent driving assistance system , It can respond to the intelligent travel needs of users in the whole scene .

for instance , The user is in Zº³ In vehicle , Global control can be realized through simple voice instructions ADAS function , Voice control coverage up to 99%, Leading the whole industry .

Last , In addition to design and intelligent configuration ,Z Generation of young people have more requirements for motivation . After all , Daily commute after work every day , I have to face one to drive " dry " The models , Life is undoubtedly a lot boring .

therefore , One feels better , A powerful pure electric vehicle , about Z The daily life of generations , Very important .

Co creation Zº³ Carrying " Four in one " Electric drive , The drive motor is realized 、 Motor controller 、 retarder 、 High integration of power distribution modules , Can output 160kW Maximum power of ,0-100km/h Speed up only 7.1 second .

Zº³ It also uses the most advanced power battery module free technology , Integrate the cell directly into PACK, It can be realized 600KM+ The voyage of the expedition , Perfect solution " Endurance anxiety ". meanwhile , Co creation Zº³ There are also five national defense battery safety measures , Strict safety control of battery pack , Bring the most comfortable driving environment for young consumers .

in general , about Z For generations ,Zº³ Perfect fit " The appearance of personality trend 、 Intelligent and interesting soul 、 Passionate performance ", Will have the opportunity to become the present " Popular symbols ".

Kung Fu shooting

For today's young consumers , They need more than just one " Good quality car ", It is also an expression of life attitude .

thus , In the current pure electric vehicle market , He Chuang took the lead from Z Starting from the needs of the generation, we launched Zº³.

so to speak , stay 15 The price range of about 10000 , If you don't " Brand obsession ", Co creation Zº³ Is a very consistent Z The best choice for generations .

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