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Chongqing team is home court to win the two championship of the i-VISTA autopilot car challenge.

2021-08-25 09:06:14 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 21 Japan ,2021i-VISTA The autopilot car challenge is on its last race day , From college 、 Car companies and research institutions 15 A professional team , They competed in the commercialization process challenge and the low-speed unmanned driving challenge respectively , The champion was selected by Thales Chi as the second team 、 Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications team divided up two local teams .

That morning 9 when , The commercialization process challenge officially started , As the referee gives instructions , The participating vehicles drove into the sixth longitudinal line of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area . This one is about 8 Kilometers of track , Simulate the unique urban expressway environment along the river in Chongqing , There are straight roads 、 The ramp 、 bridge 、 Interchange and other road conditions , The referee team also set up vehicle racing 、 Construction speed limit bypass 、 Faulty vehicle avoidance 、 Follow the car 、 Active lane change and other competition scenes , To challenge the ultimate automatic driving ability of the vehicle in the driverless state .

Although the race is coming to an end , But the racing teams are still full of fighting spirit , Competitive status is online all the way . Chongqing auto enterprise Jinkang silis is the most “ Arrogance ”, Sent selisz to choose one 、 The second team and the Cyrus expedition participated in three teams , This shows that we attach importance to the game . Another home team , It's Chang'an of Chang'an automobile “ wisdom ” On the must win team , Just listening to the name reveals his ambition . Jinglong who competed with them - Apus 、 Jinglong - Aquila 、 Xingyuan intelligence, etc , Strength should not be underestimated .

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