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It's hard to turn over again! The new Peugeot 408 is applied for domestic production. The appearance is changed without changing the dressing. It takes 1.6T power

2021-08-25 09:12:02 Oriental Information automobile

as everyone knows , Nowadays, the domestic automobile market is developing very rapidly , In particular, independent automobile brands , It shows a strong market competitiveness , It also poses a great threat to the development of the joint venture brand , among , The French car is arguably the largest “ The victim ”, The car brands of Peugeot and Citroen are not performing well today “ Prosperity ”, It can even be described as bleak , And in order to change the current situation , Legal brand has taken a series of measures , For now , The effect is not very obvious , Today we want to talk about a new modified model recently exposed by Peugeot —— New Peugeot 408, at present , New Peugeot 408 We have completed the declaration of domestic production .

In terms of sales volume , Peugeot 408 Your performance can be said to be very general , As of the first half of this year , The average monthly sales volume is about 1000 units , It's hard to do anything big , Such performance is the true portrayal of the current legal system car . From new Peugeot 408 Let's see the application chart of , Maybe we'll be disappointed again , The whole shape basically continues the cash , The design of changing soup without changing dressing is completely unattractive in the current environment , It is difficult to attract the favor of young consumers , Now let's learn more about... In combination with the declaration chart .

From the declaration chart , New Peugeot 408 The design is basically the same as cash , There is no obvious change , Just made adjustments in some small details , This adjustment is completely negligible , The front face still adopts the dot matrix grid of black-and-white checkered flag style ,“ Little lion ” Auto Logos LOGO Inlaid in the center of the grid , The split lion eye headlights have a sharp shape , Looks a little aggressive , But the internal structure is relatively simple , And in the body and rear , New Peugeot 408 Similarly, there is no obvious change , The design language is very conventional , The visual effect is not very young and fashionable , It can only be said that it is more beautiful , The biggest bright spot , It should be the lion claw tail lamp at the tail , Brings a high degree of recognition .

Besides , New Peugeot 408 There is no adjustment in size , The length, width and height are respectively 4750/1820/1488mm, The wheelbase is 2730mm, Parameters are consistent with continuation , Compared with compact cars of the same class , New Peugeot 408 The size advantage of is still obvious , The interior space is spacious , Fully meet the basic household needs .

Besides , New Peugeot 408 The interior has not been announced yet , But it can be expected that it will be consistent with the cash , The following figure shows the new Peugeot 408 Hypothetical diagram of interior decoration , Basically continued the cash , The regular layout shows a good sense of hierarchy , The panel material is relatively thick , It is wrapped with soft plastic lining material , The details of stitching are very delicate , The workmanship is very solid , As for the specific performance , We'll have to wait until the interior drawing is released .

From the power of exposure , New Peugeot 408 It is expected to carry one 1.6T Turbocharged engine , Power transmission part , And what matches that is 6AT transmission , The maximum power of this set of power is 125KW, Peak torque is 250N·m, The performance meets the basic transportation needs , As for whether the plug-in hybrid system will be equipped later , It's not clear yet . About the new Peugeot 408, What else do you want to say ?

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