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20 Mercedes Benz gls450 parallel imported 3.0T cars with complete procedures

2021-08-25 09:12:18 Oriental Information automobile

20 With Mercedes Benz GLS450: Deluxe bag , Sports bag , Technology package , Driver assistance package , Leather dashboard , Front windshield heating , The seven seat 20 Section plus version GLS450 Black rice Deluxe bag ( Front seat ventilation , Second row electric sunshade , Four zone air conditioning , Voice of Berlin sound , Electric suction door , Reality navigation enhancement ,360 Around the car ) Sports bag ( Adjustable shock absorber plus 、AMG Modeling components 、 Aluminum treads 、AMG External components 、AMG Mat 、21 Inch AMG 5 Radial tire ) Technology package ( Looked up and show ) Driver assistance package ( Radar ranging , Active range assist , Active steering assist , Active brake assist with cross traffic function , Active emergency stop assist , Active blind spot assist , Active lane change assistance , Safety front seat , Smart airbags , Adaptive cruise , Route based speed adaptation )

20 With Mercedes Benz GLS450 The body is rough and elegant , The air inlet grille has a larger area , It is still decorated with double banner chrome plating , The texture is obviously improved , The internal structure of the front lamp group has been adjusted , And into LED Daytime running light , The bumper has been redesigned , And large air inlets are added on both sides . The whole front face has fewer lines , The simple style makes the brand new GLS Set off more atmosphere .

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