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New Mercedes Benz C-class: Lexus es, don't be afraid. From now on, I'll accompany you with a piece of "meat"

2021-08-25 09:23:58 Oriental Information automobile

New Benz C level ( Parameter picture ) On stage , The biggest change , In addition to design , There's room .

Mercedes Benz has fully squeezed the technical and cost advantages of cash models , Pull the product line cycle to the longest , Also because of the long life cycle , Cash C The competitiveness of the first class in the market is not as good as that of the year , Considering the new overseas C Level landing is still , New in China C level , It's also rubbing hands .

new C The biggest change of the stage is the effective lengthening of the wheelbase , The overall space performance is better , In order to ensure better rear space and riding performance , Mercedes Benz has lengthened the wheelbase to 2954mm.

New domestic Mercedes Benz C The wheelbase of the stage long wheelbase version will be lengthened 89mm achieve 2954mm, Longer than the current domestic long wheelbase version 89mm, More elongated space in the back , The improvement of space is obvious .

Mercedes Benz knows the Chinese very well , The high-level feeling in the back row , All aspects have also been given .

Space is the biggest change , At the same time, the design of interior and exterior decoration will reposition Mercedes Benz C level , Make it younger 、 motion 、 A dynamic , new S level 、E The design concept of level has been delegated to the new C level , The strategic layout is staged again , Sure enough , Mercedes C Class was nicknamed again “ Small S”.

In fact, I have said before , Mercedes Benz's new design concept is more suitable for small models ,E Class visual impact is better than S Better grade , and C Class visual impact , Better than E level .

What can be predicted is , If you don't care about power and price ,C Class is a good product .

all the time ,C Class is the most expensive of the three models , than A4L And BMW 3 It's more expensive , At the same time, the power performance is weaker , The same is true this time .

in fact , Mercedes C Class 1.5T The power version is not strong ,1.5T The book data of the engine is only 156Ps, Lead to cash C200L Version acceleration 9.4 second ,C260L 4WD version acceleration 8.8 second .

C Class is not only the lowest price in the same class , At the same time, the size is the smallest , The motivation is the weakest .

Mercedes Benz, which is about to be launched C Level is still 1.5T、1.5T Light mix and 2.0T dynamic system , It is reported that the power will be improved , High and low power engines will be fully equipped 48V Light mixed system , The overall power technology performance will be significantly improved .

all the time , lexus ES They make complaints about the most luxurious cars , 100 km acceleration 10 Seconds away , But in fact, with the successive landing of small displacement engines , Many Mercedes Benz models have not shown much advantage in acceleration performance ,1.3T Mercedes Benz GLB Daily acceleration results reach 10 About seconds , and 1.5T Mercedes Benz C The same is true for level 1 acceleration .

If acceleration is the only advantage in evaluating luxury , that C Grade and GLB, It's also hard to hook up with luxury .

Is that really the case ? New Mercedes Benz C Level in design 、 The construction of cabin luxury and brand culture is excellent , For more user groups , These are the sufficient basis for evaluating luxury , If the acceleration is slow , Then run slowly , After all, running downtown 70, Even if you're speeding .

Comprehensive, ,C Class car owners don't mind how slow the acceleration is , They are more concerned about , Mercedes Benz logo , Not big enough .

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