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With the advent of "three children", is MPV really easy to use? Think about this before you start

2021-08-25 09:32:06 Oriental Information automobile

Some time ago ,“ Three child policy ” Finally open up , While everyone was still discussing whether to have three children , Most of the auto media have done a good job for you “ What kind of car is suitable for a family with three children ” Lesson of , We can't help falling into the rut , Recommended a batch of MPV Give it to everyone .

lexus LM

all the time ,MPV The market occupies only a small part of the whole Chinese automobile market . once , We are right. MPV My name is still “ Van ”, Its powerful loading capacity and versatility , It has become the heart of self-employed people . But with the improvement of people's living standards , as well as “ Two child policy ” The opening of , Many car companies take this opportunity , Launched MPV Models began to seize the market , For example, BYD song MAX、 Buick's GL6、 The kei GM6( It has been renamed M6) wait .

However , These compact MPV Is it really suitable for families with two or three children ?

I don't think so . These in “ Two child policy ” Compact after opening MPV, It's more like opportunism , Under the MPV The cover of the model , At a relatively low price , Attracted to intend to buy MPV The little white of the model .

Take Wuling Kaijie as an example , Positioning as compact MPV The it , In fact, it has a circumference that is not much different from that of Odyssey , But its internal space is obviously much smaller than Odyssey . Besides , The traditional door opening method in the back row , There is obviously no orthodoxy MPV The car's side sliding door is so convenient ; The third row seats are chicken ribs , Ride comfort can not be compared with Odyssey and other models , This also makes them emphasize “ Big four ” This idea .

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