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The tough tank Ranger officially went offline

2021-08-25 09:32:08 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Car selection Lori learned from relevant channels that Yunliang off-road launched the first mass production modified model in cooperation with the tank brand “ Tank Ranger ” Officially offline in Chongqing Great Wall Motor Factory . It is reported that , The official guide price for a new car is 24.88 Ten thousand yuan , Are cross-country enthusiasts excited .

The new car offers a total of three conventional colors , Namely “ Grey too wave ”、“ I want to be orange ” And “ Black pineapple ”, You can also customize younger and more dynamic “ Ranger green ” Exclusive color . aesthetic , The new car adopts a brand-new design , Hood and China open 、 The wheel eyebrows and so on have been redesigned , More in line with off-road wind , The lower trapezoidal package of the front face and the anti-collision block are combined with each other , Bring a more layered visual effect .

The body side , We can see the wide wheel eyebrows , It can provide more jumping space for the tire , The lower side steps and wheel eyebrows are also perfectly connected , It looks very hard . The rear of the car body looks simple and atmospheric , The back bar and front face of trapezoidal design echo each other , The concave position in the middle also leaves space for the spare tire .

The shock absorber jointly customized and developed by Yunliang and Koman is assembled on the new car , It can effectively improve vehicle trafficability and handling , Besides , The new car is also equipped with an exclusive chassis girder , Reinforced side bars are set on both sides of the girder for fixed positioning , The reliability of the chassis frame is ensured . motivation , The new car will carry maximum power 167kW, Maximum torque 387N·m Of 2.0T The engine , Transmission in , matching 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . We will continue to pay attention to more new car information .

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