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Another tank, see you at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-25 09:32:10 Oriental Information automobile

Since the tank 300 Since its inception , For the first time, we saw how domestic brands make cities SUV And hardliners SUV Combination . And the next model of this brand , What difference will it make ?

Among several sub brands of Great Wall Motors , With “ Iron Man tenderness ” The image of the tank is undoubtedly a very topical one . After all, at the same price , There are very few models with non load-bearing body and good daily comfort and practicability . But tanks 300 Just a prelude to this brand , Its second model will make its debut at the Chengdu auto show next weekend .

At present, the official brand still does not disclose the name of the car , But the news from all sides shows that it may be called a tank 600. According to the tank , This car will make “ Tough and delicate coexist ”, interpretation “ Business luxury off-road ”—— Such a goal is not high , Even Mercedes Benz G level 、 Toyota Land tour / lexus LX It's hard to say that and range rover can take these features into account .

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