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The girl waited for ten years without getting married, and finally a luxury car came at the funeral

2021-08-25 09:34:53 Oriental Infotainment

YingYing and Haohao are old acquaintances , They are separated by a village .

I don't know whether their acquaintance is good or bad . The day they met , Yingying is hanging clothes upstairs , Haohao follows his mother to visit relatives . When Haohao followed his mother downstairs from Yingying , Yingying was stung by a mosquito upstairs , She's catching mosquitoes with a clothes hanger , Because I didn't hold the clothes hanger firmly , Just fell on Haohao's head , Haohao was frightened . Haohao's mother thought who was playing a prank , A loud roar :“ Who did it ”.

Yingying hurried downstairs , Apologize to Haohao's mother and Haohao . Haohao's mother saw that the girl was sincere , People look like water , I forgave her , And gave her a candy . At this time, yingying and Haohao are still young , It's just 5 year .

6 At the age of , YingYing and Haohao are in primary school , I don't know if it's God's will , They are in the same class or at the same table . Other children think it's disgusting for boys and girls to get too close . But they talked . Yingying said with a familiar look on her face :“ ah , You're the one I hit ”.

Haohao rolled his eyes :“ You mean to say that ”. On the same day they met each other , Only then did I know that there was a village apart . From that day on , They went home together , Because the same way .

Every time after school , They will say to each other : School is over , Let's go home together . Two people look at each other and smile , Small feelings are pure and beautiful .

They have been in love for many years , They often go shopping hand in hand, talking and laughing , I envy the people around me .

But the last thing I want to see is . Haohao's father wants to take Haohao's mother and son abroad to live . Haohao disagrees in every way , Said he had a girlfriend , I can't go abroad . Haohao's father slapped him immediately , say :“ What's good about your girlfriend , What vision can you have !”

With grievances and unwillingness , Haohao went to Yingying , Looking at the young and beautiful Yingying , It's hard for him to speak .

At last he made up his mind to tell the truth , And tell Yingying :“ You wait for me , I will marry you home !” Yingying held his hand and shed tears , say :“ Only be your wife in this life .”

Accidents happen , Haohao has been here for ten years , Yingying first class is ten years .

Yingying's parents urged her. I don't know how many times yingzi didn't get married , Yingying, who is sick of missing, falls ill .

At the funeral , A luxury car stopped slowly , Walking down the vast wind and scenery , But his eyes were red, swollen and tearful . Yingying's parents see him holding a stick and want to drive him away . But he didn't care about the stick he hit , Walk to Yingying's coffin , He stroked the coffin , Kneel there and cry .

He seemed to think of something , Slowly open your mouth and say :“ School is over , Let's go home together .” So he hit his head against the coffin and died .

All shall be well, Jack shall have jill , Don't disappoint those who love you and wait for you .

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