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Brother Lin Zhixuan rollover? Connotation Zhao Wenzhuo and Li Xiang lied and robbed Huang Guanzhong's room, which was criticized as selfish

2021-08-25 09:38:19 Tencent Entertainment

《 My brother 》 Since its launch, there has been constant controversy . The contradiction between Lin Zhixuan and Zhao Wenzhuo and Li Xiang makes people don't know who to trust for a while .

Here's the thing , Lin Zhixuan and Li Xiang in the creation and distribution of the new stage , There were major differences . Lin Zhixuan wants everyone to focus on what they are good at , It means that Li Xiang wants to undertake the dance part .

But Li Xiang doesn't think so . He feels like he's here for a variety show , The purpose is to seek a breakthrough , If you keep dancing , Then why come here .

Even to be frank : I'd rather quit the game than dance .

Lin Zhixuan insisted that Li Xiang dance , Angered many netizens and fans who like Li Xiang , They suspect that Lin Zhixuan uses coffee to oppress people .

Be reasonable , Lin Zhixuan must want to get a good place , therefore , Lin Zhixuan did this for everyone from the perspective of his predecessors , Responsible for the team .

But his idea is certainly good , But it ignores that people who come to this program have their own ideals .

There are many sisters who ride the wind and waves, and their singing is very poor , For example, Zhang Yuqi , But people didn't think she didn't sing well and didn't like him , The display of personal charm is the focus of this program .

So rationally , Even to win or lose , Nor can Li Xiang lose the right to realize his ideas .

What's going on with Zhao Wenzhuo ?

At first Chiu Man-Cheuk brother brother and his brother make complaints about their bedroom when they were chatting with other brothers. .

The hot dog was shocked , Because the time when the program was recorded was 6 Month or so , So he couldn't imagine how it would be possible not to turn on the air conditioner in such a hot day .

So Zhao Wenzhuo explained that Lin Zhixuan didn't want to open it , Because my voice will dry when I blow the air conditioner .

Don't let people turn on the air conditioner in summer , Of course, netizens can't understand .

Under the relevant content , Make complaints about it. :“ Hainan doesn't turn on air conditioning in June , How selfish ”、“ Why don't you quit the competition ”.

After the above two things , Lin Zhixuan used to be on the screen “ The artist ” The establishment of the people is gradually lost .

For online disputes , He couldn't sit still after all .

The document said that Zhao Wenzhuo said that blowing the air conditioner was not enough for health. It's best to turn it off and blow less , So I accepted the suggestion and agreed not to turn on the air conditioner , He also stressed that he likes blowing air conditioning .

Connotation Zhao Wenzhuo lies , This makes Zhao Wenzhuo very embarrassed , Just send a document saying : I want to change my room. It has nothing to do with the air conditioner , We get along very well .

After responding to the air conditioning event , Another netizen questioned Lin Zhixuan about Li Xiang's singing , Ask him if he really doesn't want the two younger generations to sing , Lin Zhixuan's response was also quite interesting .

He said the point discussed at that time was not whether to sing or not , And I've given you two words , The discussion is just how to segment words better .

Is Li Xiang lying again ?

Of course , Some rational netizens think this is the consistent routine of mango station , Malicious clips , Create contradictions and differences .

Put aside the above , It's true that Lin Zhixuan robbed Huang Guanzhong's room .

Dormitory selection regulations : The older brother chooses first . Huangguanzhong 57, Lin Zhixuan 55.

When Hu Haiquan shouted his name, he also first Huang Guanzhong and then Lin Zhixuan .

As a result, Huang Guanzhong was still thinking about which to choose , Lin Zhixuan has chosen the best double room .

Huang Guanzhong whispered helplessly : It seems that a double room is really better .

Choosing a room , Netizens still have negative emotions about Lin Zhixuan .

In fact, netizens don't have to make such a hasty positive evaluation of Lin Zhixuan . Evaluate a person , We should also consider whether his variety show is suspected of deliberately creating gimmicks through editing .

Personally, I think Lin Zhixuan is an elder in the singing world , Big brother again , Can you stand in the music world for so many years , There must be a reason for him .

As for people, they don't roll over , Why don't you let the bullet fly for a while .

What do you think ?

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