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Huili Tunisian pomegranate, soft seed juice, super delicious

2021-08-25 09:44:09 Wechat automobile

All say “ Eat grapes without spitting their skins ”, If you eat pomegranate, you can not spit pomegranate seeds , Isn't that very happy . There is a kind of pomegranate that tastes , Can really not spit seeds , This magical pomegranate comes from “ Hometown of pomegranates in China ”—— Sichuan Huili .



Today we bring you Tunisian soft seed pomegranate from Huili, Sichuan . Compared with other pomegranates , Tunisian pomegranate basically does not need to spit seeds !


Tunisian pomegranate , Native to Tunisia , Late comers grow in China , It is a relatively good variety , The fruit is plump , Full of juice .


The altitude of Huili, Sichuan is relatively high , Big temperature difference between day and night , So that pomegranate can continuously accumulate sugar , Coupled with high-quality Tunisian pomegranate varieties , It can be said that it's a perfect match .


To ensure the taste , The original ecological method shall be adopted during planting , No ripening , No staining , Restore the natural taste of pomegranate .

Pomegranate contains many kinds of amino acids and trace elements , Helps digestion 、 Anti gastric ulcer 、 Soften blood vessels, 、 Fall hematic fat 、 Hypoglycemic and other effects , It also has an antidote effect on those who drink too much .


Pomegranate is also rich in vitamins C、 Antioxidants , It has the effect of beauty , Girls eat more can not only replenish water , It's also good for the skin .


Cutting pomegranates is easy , First cut the top , Draw a few knives along the convex position , A break , The whole pomegranate opens .


Now there are two kinds of packaging , The pomegranate in the gift box will be a little bigger , Gifts are more appropriate . If you eat by yourself , The ordinary one is a little smaller , But it's affordable .
Freshly picked fruit will not be refunded after delivery , There will be... During transportation 5%-10% Loss of moisture , In case of extreme weather such as rain, the delivery will be delayed , xinjiang , Tibet , Inner Mongolia , hainan , Transportation quality cannot be guaranteed , No shipment is allowed .
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