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Test drive the second generation cs55plus of Chang'an, which is a popular model!

2021-08-25 09:44:33 Oriental Information automobile

In the past two years, Changan Automobile has developed rapidly , Realized the reversal of sales performance and reached the highlight moment . In the first half of this year, Changan Automobile sold a total of 613028 A new car , Successfully won the sales crown of its own brand . Carrying blue whales NE Series engine “ Blue whale family ” The camp performed brilliantly , Cumulative sales breakthrough 5 Thousands of cars . changan CS55 Series is one of the main sales products of Chang'an Automobile at present , stay CS55PLUS After the launch of the blue whale version , changan CS55 series 1-6 Monthly sales exceeded 6 ten thousand .

Inject new vitality into good products . Chang'an second generation CS55PLUS The pre-sale has been opened recently , It will be officially listed at the end of August . As a popular model of Chang'an Automobile , Second generation CS55PLUS What kind of competitiveness does it have ? After a test drive, the author has some insights . Unique appearance Fashion science fiction although compact on the market SUV A wide variety , can changan CS55PLUS But it can be unforgettable . Atomic grey body with red trim , It shows the temperament and style of a geek walking alone . The front of the car is faintly UNI The design elements of the series . Light and shadow progressive grille is inspired by the interpretation of light and shadow in architectural design , The structural beauty of bottom-up gradual divergence and extension , Highlight the full sense of future technology . Plus the high transparency trim embedded in the top innovation , Reflected in the sun, light and shadow complement each other , Show the beauty of spirituality . The geometric ring lamp group is crystal clear , Sharp shape , With a sense of avant-garde science fiction . Ingenious design of super continuous body surface , Put the body “ static ”、“ Slow down ”、“ Gallop ” And other potential energy of different scenes , And transverse body side , Sharp and smooth main characteristic lines echo each other from afar , Enhance the three-dimensional feeling of the body , Make the body surface fuller . Nineteen inch star ring 、 The high wind rim is far beyond the configuration level of the same level , Make the whole vehicle look calm and atmospheric .

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