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It is equipped with 1.5T, 193 HP, 6.6l fuel consumption and 100000 km warranty

2021-08-25 09:44:38 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of Honda brand , Its position in the domestic automobile market is quite high . Its models have won good sales with excellent quality . Now Honda brand in order to further win market share , Launch this Starter Kit 1.5T,193 Fuel consumption per horsepower 6.6L, Quality assurance 10 Thousands of kilometers of haoying .

This haoying , Not only the appearance is very fashionable , And the interior is very luxurious . therefore , After its listing, it has been loved by many people , Monthly sales have maintained thousands of , It was really successful . however , It can achieve such excellent sales results , With its excellent “ Three pieces ” Is closely linked . How does this car perform , Let's see .

Front part , Haoying adopts Honda family air inlet grille , Match it with a wide through chrome trim to decorate the front face , It looks very advanced . And the flank wing LED Headlights , When lit at night, it has a good lighting effect , At the same time, it can greatly improve the driving safety at night . Besides, the lines on the side of the car body feel very good , Dynamic waistline with bright black trim , It looks very fashionable . in addition , The rear of the car is also a bright spot , More lines are used to outline , Showing a good sense of hierarchy , And it uses blackened optical fiber LED Tail lights , After lighting up, the appearance value is really high .

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