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The price is 248800. The tank 300 Ranger version is on the market. Buy and pick up the car early!

2021-08-25 10:09:45 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 21 Japan , The tank brand is officially on the market tanks 300 Ranger version , The guide price is 24.88 Ten thousand yuan . tanks 300 The Ranger version is based on tanks 300 And come , Refitted by well-known domestic brands “ Yunliang off-road ” Joint refitting with tank brand , It can be said to be a “ Official modified car ”. tanks 300 The Ranger edition offers 4 Models in body colors , They are grey waves 、 I want to be orange 、 Black pineapple and ranger green . The new car is relative to the tank 300 Made improvements in appearance, interior upholstery and off-road configuration 10 Item upgrade , Further improved the tank 300 The comprehensive ability of the Ranger version , Let's take a specific look at this 10 Where are the key upgrades .

1、 New shape metal competitive bar , Better protection under the front of the car , In addition, the approach angle and passing angle are further increased , Conducive to better passage .2、 Standard front 12000 Pound winch , It is more conducive to extricating oneself from difficulties and helping others . Winch plays a very important role in off-road vehicle rescue , It is often used with tools such as winch and tree holding belt , It can not only save others, but also save yourself .3、 the height is 900 Mm wading depth , It can be conducive to driving in ponding sections .

4、 The side step is upgraded to metal side step , Not afraid of deformation in case of impact , It's further improved The tough and wild style on the side of the body .5、 Newly designed low drag hood , Make it less windage and more beautiful .

6、 Lightweight reinforced aluminum alloy upper swing arm , It can provide better impact protection under off-road extreme road conditions .7、9 Section adjustable single cylinder nitrogen shock absorber , Conducive to improving handling and driving comfort .8、 Pressure manufacturing process alloy rim , High impact resistance , Match with Broadway KO2 major AT Off road tyres , Let it walk flat on the rotten road .

9、33 Degree approach angle 、37 The angle of departure , Longitudinal passing angle 26 degree , Minimum ground clearance 244 mm , Basic super hardware data , The off-road foundation is guaranteed .10、 Body widening and wheel arch design , So that the domineering style of the whole vehicle has been highlighted .

tanks 300 The Ranger version is an official modified professional off-road vehicle , Its birth can be like tanks 300 More choices for consumers , Since it's an official refit , You can also avoid the worry that you can't pass the annual inspection by refitting yourself .24.88 Let's not say whether the price is expensive or cheap , tanks 300 The current sales orders have to queue up 2、3 It's been months , And tanks 300 When will the Ranger version get the car , You may also need to say hello , Not much said , Like friends, place an order as soon as possible .

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