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With an overseas investment of US $1.1 billion, Hyundai Mobis will build two fuel cell plants in South Korea

2021-08-25 10:10:59 Oriental Information automobile

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Choi Li Mei

[ Understand the original car Emperor industry ] recently , According to foreign media reports , Hyundai Mobis, South Korea's largest auto parts manufacturer, will invest about 1.3 Trillions of the won ( About us 11 Billion dollars ) Two new fuel cell plants in the country . meanwhile , Modern Mobis expects ,2028 The scale of the global fuel cell market will reach 289 Billion dollars .

Modern Mobis will invest 11 $billion for hydrogen fuel cell production facilities

According to the report , As an electrochemical battery , Fuel cells use a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity 、 Heat and water . Because the power generation process does not emit greenhouse gases , Fuel cell is considered to be the key tool to achieve net zero emission . Fuel cells vary in size from small to large . They can be as small as watermelon , It can be installed on UAV .

before , Hyundai Mobis pinzer plant will mainly provide Kia with traditional auto parts products . Kia has modern Mobis 17.24% Shares of . Pingze factory is only... Away from Kia's Huacheng factory in Gyeonggi province 13 km .

Modern Ulsan factory

Hyundai Mobis revealed in the recent earnings conference call , The board of directors of the company has approved plans to invest in building fuel cell plants in Incheon, a port city in the west of South Korea, and Ulsan, an industrial city in the south . among , Incheon plant will be responsible for the production of fuel cell stacks , This is the core of DC power system ; The Ulsan plant will produce the final fuel cell product . It is expected that the factory will be in 2021 Break ground at the end of the year , And in 2023 The end of the year , The capacity of the two plants has not been disclosed at present .

Technical concept map ( picture source : Korean media technology website )

It is worth mentioning that , Modern Mobis recently applied for a project called “ Intelligent cruise control (SCC) System and information display method ” Patents . The technology can take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) Determine the expected route of surrounding vehicles , Improve driving stability . It is expected that the technology will first be applied to Hyundai's luxury car brands, such as Guinness Seth (Genesis), Then it can be extended to other models .

Modern Mobis emphasizes ,“ This is a future technology , At present, there is no vehicle equipped with this technology .”

This technology is considered as a transitional technology before the transition to fully automatic driving . future , When the network is established between vehicles V2V signal communication , You can predict the movement of other vehicles , So as to reduce the risk of accidents .

source : Understand chedi's report

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