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After driving Tiguan l new energy for a year and driving this new car, owner: Tiguan L is no longer a benchmark at the same level

2021-08-25 10:11:04 Oriental Information automobile

There are many development opportunities in big cities , Various services are also quite convenient , But there are advantages and disadvantages , The pressure of development in big cities is also relatively large , Various resources are relatively scarce . Let's talk about buying a car , In fact, I have enough financial strength , But because I can't shake the number , So I can't buy a car , Finally, you can only choose the green car . In my inherent impression , View of path L Absolutely SUV The benchmark in , So when choosing a car, I started with Tiguan L New energy .

I buy is 2021 paragraph 430PHEV Plug in hybrid noble version , The car 26.58 ten thousand , After the discount, you have to 24 More than ten thousand . Although it is 1.4T Power , But there is a motor assisted bonus , The overall power performance and fuel consumption performance are OK . At first I thought the car was very fragrant , Use electricity at work , Use oil on the way home , It doesn't cost much a month . But after a long time, I found it really troublesome to charge every day , The electric range of this car is just 50 Many kilometers , So later, it was completely used as an oil truck , Average fuel consumption per 100 km 7 Liter , Think of it as an extra forty or fifty thousand yuan , Buy a green fuel car .

Recently, colleagues have also spent 20 Million bought a green car , When I tested his car , Suddenly I feel so regretful , The joint venture plug-in hybrid model is in front of the new forces of domestic car making , There is really no advantage . My friend bought Weima W6, This is a pure electric vehicle , Its range is as high as 620 km , Almost once a week is enough . And it only takes... To fully charge your home once 75 element , The average car cost per kilometer is 1 hair 2, This is better than my Tiguan L It saves a lot of money . I bought a green brand fuel car by opportunism , Friend's Wima W6 Or an authentic electric car , In terms of use cost and high-tech configuration , The two cars are not on the same day .

Tell the truth , View of path L New energy is a car born for policy , His foundation is still a fuel car , If there is no new energy policy , This car won't produce . As a new force in car making, Weima's W6 Is the real product of Technology , It's on the Internet of vehicles 、 Autonomous driving technology 、 In terms of electronic and electrical architecture, it has great advantages over fuel vehicles .

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