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Fierce attack, modern Elantra n officially unveiled

2021-08-25 10:11:06 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , We learned from relevant sources that , Modern Elantra N Has been in 8 month 20 Official launch of . Elantra N As a performance vehicle , Its model is equipped with a strong power package , Make it look dynamic .

In terms of appearance , The new car adopts a large air inlet grille , And the lower guard plate is painted in black , Integrated with air inlet grille , Give a person a kind of “ Big mouth ” The visual effect of . The headlight set of the new car adopts an extremely sharp shape , With a flat front , It gives people a feeling of staring at their prey .

From the side of the car , The side of the new car forms a Z type , With a rim with extremely complex lines , Give people a different sense of hierarchy . The side skirt of the new car is also decorated with red paint , Extremely dynamic .

From the rear of the car , The new car adopts a through tail lamp group , With external spoiler tail and double side single out exhaust layout , The overall model is sporty . interiors , The new car adopts a three width multifunctional steering wheel , And with the instrument panel 、 Dual screen design of central control screen , Add a sense of Technology . motivation , The new car is equipped with a maximum power 280 horsepower 2.0T In-line four cylinder turbocharged engines , It is said that the new car is in N Grin Shift (NGS) Under short-time pressurization technology , It can increase the maximum power to 213kW, At the same time, the new car also matches 8 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

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