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Multi function new Tesla firmware version information

2021-08-25 10:26:30 Car home

  [ Car home New energy ]  recently , Tesla released 2021.24.4 Information about the new firmware version , At the same time, Tesla said , Many of these functions are based on Chinese user feedback , Specially developed by Chinese software R & D team . The new system mainly focuses on navigation 、 The small functions of the car have been added / Optimize , The specific functions are as follows :

1、 Add navigation lane guidance

The navigation lane guidance function will be activated after a line is activated , Show more lane types on the map , Provide sufficient time and information for lane change ;

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2、 Navigation broadcast optimization

The navigation broadcast can now provide more details along the way , for example : Velocity radar position 、 Traffic signal camera and bus lane detection ( To disable this feature , Clickable control > Navigation > Simple navigation broadcast );

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3、 Main and auxiliary roads / On bridge and off bridge switching function

More accurate navigation and positioning , By switching lines , It can be selected in the main road and auxiliary road 、 On and under the bridge ( To use this function, you need to synchronously update the map version to CN-2021.32);

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4、 New car washing mode

In car wash mode , The vehicle will lock the charging port , At the same time, the vehicle will close all windows 、 The luggage , Turn off the automatic wiper 、 Sentinel mode , And turn off the automatic locking function after leaving the vehicle ( Opening mode : control > service > Car washing mode );

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5、 The anti glare rearview mirror can be turned off on demand

The user can turn off the anti glare rearview mirror according to the actual situation on the rearview mirror adjustment interface , So that the driver can observe the surrounding environment when the light is dark ( Opening mode : Quick control > Rearview mirror > Automatic dimming of rearview mirror );

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6、 The function of dash cam is improved

New dash cam video automatic saving function in case of emergency , When the vehicle detects an accident after opening , Automatically save the tachograph video to local ( The recorder video is only saved locally , Not uploaded to Tesla );

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7、 New keep in motion WiFi Connect

New keep in motion WiFi Connection function , Can be started after driving , Let the vehicle continue WiFi Function on state ;

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8、 Endurance display interaction improvement

The user can click the mileage display next to the battery icon , Switch between the percentage of battery remaining and the number of kilometers remaining ;

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9、 New multilingual support

Voice assistant added to Hungarian 、 Romanian and Russian support ;

   If you are interested in the new fixed version of Tesla , We will also experience it later , Stay tuned .( writing / Car home You Dongqing )

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