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Hechuang z03: do you understand the happiness of "lying flat"?

2021-08-25 10:34:48 Oriental Information automobile

Due to high-pressure living conditions , Today's young people like to put “ Lie flat ” The word is on the lips . however , Everyone is “ The mouth is very Buddhist , The body works hard ”. You bet , When involution has become the norm , Young people really don't dare to slack off .

however , No matter how busy you are, you have to have a life , It's necessary to relax occasionally . Have a healthy physical and mental state , To work better .

So in the life of two points and one line every day , How to use the car as the third space , Let's relax anytime, anywhere ? The latest pure electric SUV—— Co creation Z03 A solution is given .

8 month 20 Japan , Co creation Z03 Officially open presale , And announced the scheduled policy 、 Vehicle configuration 、 Parameter information .

At present, the new car has launched a trendy version 、 Chaozhi version 、Z Chaoban total 3 models , front 2 models NEDC life 500km, The pre price range is 13-15 Ten thousand yuan ,;Z Trendy models NEDC life 600km, The pre selling price will be announced at Chengdu auto show .

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