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Powerful and domineering tank brand new car will appear in Chengdu auto show

2021-08-25 10:37:13 Car pull

8 month 20 Japan , The tank brand officially released the official map and power information of its latest products . It is reported that , New car positioning medium and large SUV, Will be equipped with a new 3.0T+9AT powertrain . Although the name of the new car has not been officially announced , But refer to the official announcement before “ tanks 600 Will be the first to carry 3.0T+9AT Powertrain models ” The news , The new car probability is the tank we have been looking forward to for a long time 600 models . in addition , According to a source , The new car will be officially launched in the world at Chengdu auto show .

aesthetic , The new car adopts a large multilateral grille with a number of strong transverse trim strips , The chrome plated decorative parts around the grille are also very aggressive , The whole has great visual impact . The tanks LOGO Hanging in the center of the grid , The headlights on both sides are square , At the same time, some corner folding designs are added to create a more flexible feeling , The interior design of the lamp group is also very exquisite . The overall front design of the new car is very imposing , Appear domineering and exposed .

The side shape of the new car is very full and tall , Its line design is relatively concise , But the overall sense of massiness is undoubtedly revealed . The new car is equipped with a roof rack , Multi spoke rims with thicker tires are very wild . in addition , Visually check that the new car has high ground clearance and good front and rear approach angles , Trafficability is not a problem .

The rear side , As an off-road vehicle , The back mounted spare tire is naturally indispensable . The rear shape continues the overall square and concise design style , The tail lamp adopts vertical layout , A large spoiler is also designed above the tailgate .

motivation , The new car will be the first one equipped with the Great Wall 3.0T Twin turbocharging V6 The model of the engine , The maximum power is 260 kw , Peak torque 500 Newton meters . And the transmission system , The new car is also matched with the latest vertical of the Great Wall 9AT transmission . And in the 4WD system , The official has not released its relevant information , But I believe the off-road performance of the new car will be very worthy of expectation .

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