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"Big V" comes, Dongfeng Nissan Qichen new SUV appears

2021-08-25 10:37:16 Car pull

8 month 20 Japan , Dongfeng Nissan Qichen's latest compact class SUV Formal appearance , At the same time, its official name was announced — Kai Chen Da V. The name of the new car is very interesting , And its younger orientation , I believe it can also attract the attention of more young consumers .

aesthetic , The new car adopts the latest family design , The interior of the large grid is outlined with dense dot matrix decorations , The shape of China open has great visual impact . The headlamp adopts a similar split shape , The long and narrow lamp group is matched with a plurality of vertically arranged lamps LED Lamp with , It looks very scientific . in addition , The new car has a through chrome trim above the grille , And into V Design elements of glyphs , Make the new car more recognizable .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4562/1917/1625mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm. The side design elements of the new car are very concise , Use black roof and white paint to form a contrast design , And equipped with multi spoke black rim , Large inclination D The column makes the overall shape more dynamic .

The rear side , The new car adopts a through tail lamp design , There are vertical black decorative strips on both sides of the lamp group . The rear window of the new car is equipped with a black hollow spoiler , Further increase the overall young sports atmosphere . Although there is no complex line design at the rear , But the center is obviously concave , Significantly increase the sense of hierarchy at the rear of the car .

interiors , The new car uses a three spoke flat bottomed multi-functional steering wheel , It is equipped with a double screen formed by full LCD instrument and central control screen . The air conditioning outlet of the new car is also designed as a through shape , Under the air outlet of the central air conditioner, a solid suspended control button is also reserved , Convenient for daily operation . The overall design of the center console has a sense of hierarchy , Grasp the sense of technology and delicacy is also in place .

motivation , The new car will carry a 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 190 horsepower , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , More news about new cars , It has yet to be officially released .

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